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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (5/30/2019)

May 30, 2019 5:17 PM
May 30, 2019 5:16 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (5/30/2019)

Throughout May and into the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

-- I’m only watching from afar on the Baker Mayfield-Colin Cowherd battle.

I’m not listening/watching Colin Cowherds show much at all anymore. Probably haven’t watched a show since before the draft, and I’ve maybe watched 5-8 shows of his in calendar 2019 (where I used to watch 80%+ of his shows all year, years ago -- loved it in the background while I worked). I’m too busy to pay attention to the sideshow situation I already know… Colin Cowherd critiqued Baker Mayfield hard pre-Draft, and then in-season 2018, and teases him in 2019, along with taking shots at Odell Beckham, and the Browns in general…and Baker came back after him last preseason (appeared on his show) and now Baker is back after him harder this preseason. It has escalated into a war in a sense.

It, sadly, might be the hill Colin Cowherd dies on (career-wise) a little. And it’s not that Colin should lose his credibility going forward from one bad call. It’s football opinions, who cares? Under normal circumstances a football talking head would make a football judgement against Baker (and most did in the NFL establishment), and then if they were wrong they’d say they were wrong and move on to the next topic…no one really cares except football zealots.

Only, this is not ‘normal circumstances’.

Baker Mayfield has decided to come after Colin Cowherd and make this a bigger issue. And he won’t relent.

Why is Baker doing this? Doesn’t he have better things to do?

I think this is absolutely brilliant by Baker, whether he is thinking it through or this is just him being him.

The Cleveland Browns have been the butt end of a joke for years+. The media, the fans have totally mocked and disrespected the Browns in a harmless ‘talking smack’ way. NFL players with options have not wanted to play for the Browns if given the choice – a loser organization, poorly run, bad city to live in compared to most other NFL options. Coaches with options don’t want to go there either, etc.

Along comes the football Messiah to change all that – Baker Mayfield. A guy who has been disrespected by the football community all his college and early pro career. A walk-on to start his college career…yes, possibly the best QB of our lifetime was not offered a real scholarship to play big-time college football (because everyone in football is awesome at scouting things). Kliff Kingsbury then disrespected him at Texas Tech after Baker was hot as a true freshman and got hurt and Kingsbury pulled the job away from him (if you thought Baker v. Hue and Baker v. Colin was entertaining or egregious…buckle up for Baker v. Kliff Week 15 this season). At Oklahoma, fans and opponents treated him like a Pro Wrestling ‘heel’…things thrown at him from the stands, opposing players taking cheap shots, etc. He blew through it all to win a Heisman Trophy.

After his great body of work in college, he was deemed ‘too small’, a ‘system’ guy, and an ‘off-field liability’…not the top QB prospect – instead complete and utter football jokes (to be considered ‘top guys’) like Josh Allen and Sam Darnold were pushed as the obvious top guys for everyone in the football establishment (because everyone in football is awesome at scouting things).

…except one GM, one team saw it differently – the Cleveland Browns.

Judging by the 2018 results from Mayfield, judging from anyone with functioning eyeballs who watched Week 3 of 2018 Jets v. Browns – the Browns were right and everyone else (except everyone at College Football Metrics) were right about Mayfield being great/better than the Darnold’s of the world.

So why does Baker need to constantly push back against Colin…targeting him constantly this offseason?

Colin Cowherd has unwittingly become the embodiment of the NFL establishment in this ‘play’ we have front row tickets too, which is comical seeing how Cowherd used to be the leader of the anti-establishment. All the Browns and Baker negativity from everyone everywhere, Baker decided to pin it on Colin Cowherd. And by doing so, he has one guy to fightback on…not a thousand individual fights. By fighting with Colin, he’s fighting against the entire establishment against him and the Browns.

Baker/a player fighting back with the media like this is unheard of…and it will not go well for him, in the media over the years – they will protect their own (Cowherd…and eventually Goodell)) from the bully Baker Mayfield…the passive-aggressive bullies in the media will protect us from bully Baker.

But Baker doesn’t want the media on his side. He prefers the underdog role…he prefers ‘the people’ on his side. More importantly, he wants/has the entire city of Cleveland on his side…and even more-more important, he has the entire organization and the players in the locker room on his side. Baker is saying all the things everyone else is afraid to say – things that need to be said. There is a pox on the football establishment…and their terrible QB scouting and coaching -- and their terrible scouting in general that makes undeserving players wealthy/pushed and better players drafted later and thus a worse contract situation. The media loves Hue Jackson types and will soon hate Freddie Kitchen types...they want to restricting coaching opportunities to 'anointed ones' (by the media). They love Sam Darnold types and hate Baker Mayfield types. If I call them out on it, effectively, they try to shut me up/destroy my business or just dangle opportunities to join them to try to control me/my words (maybe I’ll write about it in my tell-all book someday). They do this, and I’m a nobody…

On the other hand, NFL players are supposed to just shut up and bow to the kings (the Shield and ‘coaches’ and ex-players-turned-analysts) because the football establishment, and their willing partners in the media and in coaching will punish them if they fight back/speak up. The NFL does not want Baker doing what he is doing (calling out a Hue Jackson, staring him down on the field, going after media critics directly). They want choir boys/good little employees who toe the line and speak nice things…big-time QBs need to be the generic, bland ’face of the league’ to sell beer and Oreos. Baker Mayfield is going to be the voice of the people and lead a football revolution against the established ways – Baker is going to tell them they have no clothes now that he has a microphone and a stage. Why? They’ve tried to undermine him since he tried to enter college football. He’s lived what happens when this group is blatantly wrong about so many football things.

It won’t be long before they try to assassinate Baker, personally. And don’t doubt this is coming. Baker must be shut up. This is Jim McMahon vs. the NFL establishment all over again. Only McMahon was more of a rebellious employee who never followed rules on attire. Baker is going on the offensive on people putting down his abilities or anything to do with his team – which is going to make him a bigger hero than Lebron in Cleveland when we look back in 20 years.

Colin Cowherd just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Baker is using him as a punching bag. Baker went onto Colin’s show and humiliated him in 2018, took his best soft punches and swung back with haymakers – Colin’s not used to that. The establishment is not used to that. Colin would like it to end and is trying to shame Baker into “Why care about me, go care about football!” Baker will not relent. He found his perfect dupe, his symbol of the establishment. Most media people would have dropped it and called a truce. Colin took the bait…he’s playing right into Baker’s hands. Plus, Cowherd has the audience size that matters. Notice, Baker is not fighting with anyone at ESPN…it’s not worth his time. And don’t think more people aren’t going to try to get picked on by Baker…it’s good for business. Baker likely won’t bother – he’s using Colin, because Colin is a worthy adversary that can keep this fire going.

Baker has found an object to rally his team, his city around. Kinda like the movie Major League when the ‘Cleveland Indians’ group of misfit baseball players banded together to win to spite the owner, and stripped off a piece of clothing on her cardboard cutout in the locker room every time they won. This is ‘Major League’ with a football, the Browns not the Indians -- Colin is going to get undressed a piece at a time as the misfit’s band together just to spite him. It’s brilliant by Baker Mayfield…and I don’t know if he even realizes it. This just might be who he is.

Poor Colin is in the way of this Mack truck and he cannot hide. He’s the one playing right into Baker’s hands. Colin, in my judgement, used to be a great voice in the sports wilderness…but he’s been slow boiled into the establishment over time. Comfortable eating at the king’s palace instead of street fighting with the rebels…and he unluckily picked the wrong fight at the wrong time. This will be Colin’s Waterloo…unfairly. I hate it for Colin because he’s been so good at what he does for so long. From here on in, if Baker goes on to be an all-time great…Colin will be remembered as ‘the stupid radio hack who thought Baker was ‘undraftable’. Colin has become the face of the Baker resistance and it’s going to cost him, and it shouldn’t but the perfect storm/confluence of events is coming to make this a big deal.

We just saw all this happen not too long ago…it was called the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump attacked the establishment and the media like no one else ever has…the media took the bait…and a shocking upset win ensued. The media loves to attack people and assumes they won’t fight back, and when they do they are called unseemly – because only the establishment is allowed to punch, not the opponent. Don’t speak ill of the establishment or you and everyone you know will be crushed by any means necessary. So, it will go with Baker.

This is just the beginning. Soon the Browns will be enemies of the state…enemies of Goodell. The Browns will go from a franchise no one cares about/mocked to something an NFL franchise can only dream about – the most hated team in football, the most beloved by their own fans. Ask the New England Patriots how that works out? Whoever cared about the Patriots before the Belichick era of greatness? Now, you either hate them or love them…no in-between. Every NFL team would crave for that to happen.

Welcome to the big-time Cleveland…you’re the new mid-80’s Chicago Bears. The last decade+ Patriots. The old, peak Al Davis year’s Oakland Raiders. You’re going to become public enemy #1 soon enough…ad there’s profit in that status.

This is bigger than Colin v. Baker. Bigger than some t-shirts to sell. This is the beginning of a revolution, potentially. One that exposes the NFL as hypocritical, controlling, and lazy/sloppy at their crafts and falls all over itself once players start speaking their mind…or one that is all powerful and harasses Baker at every turn and tries to gag him, and when that doesn’t work they will try to destroy his persona, and they accomplish that and the people outside of Cleveland hate him and all the media crushes him for every non-Super Bowl moment.

You’ll see. This is just the beginning of a bigger war. It’s Baker v. Colin now, but it’s going to be Baker vs. the world pretty soon, and especially Baker vs. the media.

I’m sure Baker colluded with the Russians to become the #1 pick, because EVERYONE in football knows Sam Darnold is better. I’m sure Baker Mayfield wasn’t really born in America and is secretly working with terrorists to destroy our country/working with Vince McMahon to push the XFL. You thinking I’m joking…watch how the establishment/opposition comes after Baker.

We are only in the early innings of this ballgame.

You’ll think this to be a manifesto or a prediction based on pure madness. Let’s see what happens in a few years.

 -- OK, that went on longer than I planned! I will share some Gurley-Henderson thoughts I wanted to get to in the next segment of daily notes.

That’s called a tease! Stay tuned. I’ll have it out this weekend. That, plus I plan to hit the 2021 ‘work stoppage’ talk (spoiler alert, there won’t be one).

-- Darren Waller news caught your attention? See my article/post from yesterday on my vision on Waller three years ago.

-- I hope you’re enjoying the ‘Quick Hit’ scouting reports on CFM. I’ve added a few more names to the list I gave earlier this week, per multiple requests. I’m going to look at:

Darwin Thompson (this guy is a white-hot middle/late pick in recent Dynasty Rookie Drafts)

James Williams (the other guy PFF grades as an all-time ‘forced missed tackles’ guy, up there with David Montgomery, but no one cares about the very college productive Williams…it only matters for Montgomery and not Williams. Why is that? Baker save us!).

Alexander Mattison

Already underway/publishing this week on ‘Quick Hits’…

Josh Oliver

Jace Sternberger

Quincy Williams

Darnell Savage

J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

-- Thank you for your Devy 2020 prospect submissions. I’m going to start looking at prospects this weekend and all next week, and I think I’ll do what I did last year – I’ll preview the consensus top five names from QBs, and the top five RBs, and WRs, and TEs – I’ll scout 2-3 of their games and look at some performance data and make a snap reaction and publish a position each day, ranking and letter grading them.

For defense, it will be top three at DT, DE, CB, SAF and top maybe five linebackers (ILB or OLB).

After I publish a position, I will add some of those 2020 prospects into our 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft valuations/rankings…just to try to contextualize them (too early). We might be going 350-400+ prospects deep on the Dynasty Rookie Draft rankings soon. The more the merrier. Have fun trying to print it!


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