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Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (6/23/2019)

June 23, 2019 7:03 PM
June 23, 2019 7:51 PM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (6/23/2019)

Throughout June and through the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

-- One quick note on the great Ty Montgomery

You may have seen the Roto-notes about Montgomery getting so much opportunity in camp and looking like the clear #2 RB. The note is written, I guess, as to push him as a ‘handcuff’? I get it…everyone on the Jets’ RB depth chart after Le’Veon Bell is between awful and mediocre. I mean, they should fire the GM it’s so bad…oh, wait…

Here’s the takeaway I have on the Montgomery ‘heavy workload’ in the early camps (and that Le’Veon has skipped a lot of them)… Ty is the only running back like Le’Veon Bell on the roster – physically big/220+ pounds and WR-like skills (from the former college WR). The best way for the offense to practice/install for 2019 season, now, is to use a ‘stand in’ for Bell, who missed a lot of early camp. Montgomery is a stunt double for usage right now. Not sure we should confuse that with ‘looks great’ or ‘getting all the touches’ or ‘beating out the other RBs’.

And if you think, “Well, because he’s so Bell-like then he makes sense to be the #2 RB.” To that, I would retort, “Have you ever watched/observed NFL teams operate the past 100 years?” Wayne Gallman is Saquon Barkley’s current backup. Cameron Artis-Payne is currently Christian McCaffrey’s backup. Stevan Ridley was Le’Veon Bell’s backup his last go ‘round with the Steelers…nudging out prior backup Fitzgerald Toussaint.

Montgomery has shown his wares in the NFL already…let’s be careful rewriting history because he was a stunt double in May-June 2019.

This news, if anything, shows that everything is being worked for Le’Veon in 2019.

-- I see all these reports and the interview article on how unhappy Odell Beckham was with the Giants…unhappy with the offense/coaching and then unhappy with the organization. The reports take a kinda of negative approach, painting OBJ as a whiner.

Can I mention a few things about this if you’re rubbed the wrong way by OBJ’s anti-Giants chatter…

1) Why is it OBJ is a bad guy for complaining about the coaching and play calling and organization, but when Aaron Rodgers does it were supposed to understand he has a better perspective/it’s somehow more acceptable?

2) What has OBJ said that is wrong? You ever complain about your workplace and bosses? So, it’s better that you just do it in secret to undermine them?

If you had a $100M+ contract and people wore your jersey…you’d feel free to complain out loud if reporters asked you as well. Especially, if a company just ‘fired’ you in a sense.

OBJ complained that Ben McAdoo was a bad coach…was he wrong? And I’ll bet OBJ is a star/starter in the league longer than Pat Shurmur is head coach of the Giants.

OBJ questions the organization’s management decisions…you saw the Daniel Jones pick, right? The sticking with Eli plan? What about the Giants smacks of ‘well run’?

3) You know what’s crazy? In one year, the Cleveland Browns have erased decades of negativity…and are now a more desired place to play than for the Giants. The Giants and Browns are switching roles right under everyone’s noses.

Baker Mayfield should be the league’s MVP and Executive of the Year for 2019, and we haven’t played a game yet.

-- The Browns have ‘fixed’ themselves in a year…’fixed’ as in ‘no longer a joke’. It took less than a year.

Considering that reality, and combining it with ‘What if Arizona fixes itself in a year?’ – do you realize what could be about to happen?

If the Browns and Cardinals make the playoffs/have fine years, etc., the message to all the other loser NFL teams will be – change everything faster.

If Arizona goes to the playoffs after breaking the unwritten rules of (a) not firing a coach after one year (Wilks), and (b) not dumping a 1st-round pick QB from the prior year for another 1st-round pick QB the current year, and (c) hiring an NFL-inexperienced, mediocre record college coach – how amazing would that be?

If the Cards win 8+ games in 2019, the NFL will never be the same.

Because of this possible sea change…expect the entire football establishment to be against Baker for speaking his mind (and OBJ) – because they are speaking truths about how pathetic the Hue Jackson’s, etc., of the world are…how pathetic the establishment-beloved guys (Like Hue, Jeff Fisher, etc.) are. Also, expect the entire football establishment to be against Arizona/Kyler/Kingsbury/Keim. Arizona has to fail or the whole ‘way things are done around here’ NFL is toast. 30-year NFL assistant coaches will no longer be coveted as head coaches. Three- or five-year plans will be what losers talk about if Cleveland and Arizona rise to power in short order.

The NFL establishment has the villagers approaching the gates with pitchforks and torches in the form of the Cleveland Browns and Arizona Cardinals…and the establishment will do everything it can to quench the rebellion – including negative press, open questioning in every media platform, pouncing on every mistake, not inviting them to be in NFL-based commercials, keeping them off more prime-time games they deserve, etc.

-- Coming up on FFM and CFM this week…

Draft Guide, Dynasty, Best Ball, and IDP rankings and valuations will update later in the week.

CFM: Next 2019 Dynasty Rookie Draft Update will be on Friday for the upcoming weekend of drafting.

Draft Guide: Jason Katz and I are starting our Mock Redraft planning session and actual Mock Draft chat/documentary. We might have 5,000 words before we even start to actually draft. Buckle up…it’s meant to be an overall teaching moment/guidance on planning for your redraft. We’re hoping to do a few of these this offseason.

FFM: My Very Deep Sleeper series on FantasyPros, Season 4, the season opener is planned to publish early this week…and every Tue.-Wed. until September is the plan.

FFM: Our look back at last year’s VDS and Undervalued players continues, along with random daily note segments as I have news that catches my fancy.

CFM: Quick Hit scouting reports restart. Going to spend the next week+ looking at ‘Three-Cone Freaks’. Prospects who I have not studied in-depth, not graded to highly in our computer scouting model, but had some shocking three-cone times along with other intriguing scouting items…enough to take a deeper look at.

DOBB: Working through a research series, team-by-team, on likely salary cap casualties, trade prospects, and young players cut that could have fantasy impacts. We’re going division-by-division to report out.

Draft Guide: The DST to start out the season with? Looking at the best 16- or 17-week option is one thing, but we’re going to take a look at a different angle to consider on DSTs this week.  


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