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2019 Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes from the Weekend (7/29/2019)  

July 29, 2019 11:50 AM
July 29, 2019 11:51 AM

Dynasty-Fantasy Football Training Camp Notes from the Weekend (7/29/2019)  


Throughout the preseason, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every few days as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors (in no particular order)…


 -- A few notes from my 49ers’ sources…

1) Jordan Matthews is playing his ___ off. In a sea of young WRs with SF, Matthews is the professional hand standing out. He may make the team just to mentor the young WRs but he’s making a case for that Pierre Garcon role. If Matthews is going to make the team/play/start…not great news for Dante Pettis’s FF upside. It’s a lot of WRs to feed + Kittle + the RBs as receivers.

2) However, what my sources believe is the ‘starting 3’ (sifting through WRs working with 1s the most and chatter behind the scenes) – Pettis, Goodwin, and (loosely) Trent Taylor.

3) Arkansas rookie LB Dre Greenlaw has been a talk of camp and is working with the 1s as it appears Malcolm Smith may have lost the job to him. A young trio of Kwon Alexander-Fred Warner-Dre Greenlaw may be the Week 1 starters at LB.

4) Jalen Hurd has been involved in two training camp fights…but the coaches are fine with it. Apparently, he’s been blocking too aggressively downfield and the defensive players don’t like it…but you know the coaches love it.

5) Richie James and Kendrick Bourne seem to be the odd men out at WR. Look for Bourne to get traded within a few weeks – they really like Bourne, personally, but the numbers game is going to leave him out and they want to send him somewhere he can make a team.


-- Two things that stood pout observing weekend fantasy drafts…

1) Travis Kelce going top 10 overall in drafts A LOT. The fantasy ‘experts’ have started endorsing it and now the masses are following. It should’ve been that way all along. Experts hate tight ends and quarterbacks for fantasy…until they don’t. Their followers get left holding the bag/chasing trying to somehow roster five RB1s every week and starving all their other positions…and they wonder why they mostly lose/don’t ever win titles in fantasy leagues?

2) Tyreek Hill’s ADP is blazing back. I thought there might be hesitation because the media is pounding their fake outrage on Hill, but real people have read the real story and see the real happenings and are going back to normal on Tyreek. Hill will be a top 10-14 overall redraft pick going forward. Draft expert’s rankings are lagging (per usual) on Hill, but the people are speaking loud and clear this weekend.


 -- For what it is IDP worth, Jatavis Brown has opened camp on the PUP list…but so has Kyzir White. With Denzel Perryman back in the middle, there’s another spot that’s going to either Brown or White. If Brown gets that job, he’s always a top 5-10 LB threat for IDP.

The team wants White to start, I feel…but Brown being so good keeps getting in the way. I wish they’d trade Brown going into his contract year. A big IDP opportunity (or loss) rests on whether Jatavis starts or not right away.


 -- Spencer Ware was cut Sunday because his injury was going to leave him out of camp all preseason it appeared. The Colts had to move on. Marlon Mack, once again, has the least RB depth chart/roster pressure in fantasy…him and Dalvin Cook. It’s inexplicable in this day and age of RB talent that these two guys are leads with literally nothing behind them in case of emergency.


 -- Who I saw taking the most #1 reps for Dallas at RB sans Ezekiel? Darrius Jackson. For whatever that is worth. Mike Weber seemed behind him in the rotations.

Tony Pollard is working with the RBs mostly, not the WRs, FYI.


 -- Two names I see/experts pounding as top sleepers, and I’m a skeptic, even though one of them I’ve been pounding the desk on for years (to no avail)…

1) Vance McDonald is like the #1 not-top-5 fantasy TE that the experts are cooing over. They are doing the math of no Antonio Brown = targets go elsewhere = more to McDonald.

I’m an OG fan of VMD for years. I’ve been watching him like a hawk. I hope he breaks out fully in 2019, but he never had a hint of it in 2018. He was there, playing…he was good…he had moments because he was on the field, but I never saw this team/Ben push to another level.

People using his ‘yards after contact’ stat from 2018 to push him as hidden-great…he had a smaller sample of catches and he had one big/huge break a tackle and scored a long TD totally skewing his numbers. 90% of the time yards after contact numbers are a joke for most players because one big play in a season skews everything. However, 100% of analysts love the stat as proof of their love for ___ player.

2) Mark Andrews is everyone’s top sleeper tight end, apparently.

Tight end production has so much to do with the offense/quarterback. How badly do you want the tight end who splits with Hayden Hurst and works with Lamar Jackson as the thrower?


 -- Chris Warren’s Very Deep Sleeper story took a massive hit…he was released by the Raiders this weekend. The word/hint was that Warren came into camp out of shape. A bit surprising in that Jon Gruden was talking about Warren playing bigger this year…that there was an acknowledgement (March or so, if I remember correctly) he was up 10+ pounds but it seemed discussed as almost ‘on purpose’.

Whatever the issue, Warren has been let go. I’m sure he’ll get a look from another team, but Warren already had some concerns on his work ethic on college and now this NFL moment won’t help him at all. He was the star of the 2018 preseason, so this is all totally bizarre.

All it would take is for another team to quietly pick him up and then let him live with a dietician and see if the team can strike gold by coaching/training/motivating a little. This time last year, Warren was about to be the talk of the preseason…better in one preseason game than Ronald Jones will ever be in his NFL career. There’s some value to seeing if you can change Warren’s ways/mindset. The NFL is more into getting players who can pass grueling physical exams and then yelling at them all practice and after losses in-season about how lazy they all are…at least what we see on the Amazon and HBO documentaries. Warren needs some personal motivation, potentially…let’s see what team gives him (maybe) his last chance.

My early bet would be Cincinnati. The teams that saw Warren rock them in the preseason last year were the Lions and the Rams. Probably not Matt Patricia’s kinda guy. The Rams don’t need to waste the time. Zac Taylor, new Cincy head coach then Rams assistant might be the one to take a total flyer. Dallas could take a look at the former Longhorn if they think they’re getting ready for a knock-down-drag-out with Ezekiel Elliott.

Warren’s career is on life support now.

We know he can play (see: his big college games and the 2018 preseason), so all he has to do (in theory) is drop 30 pounds and he could be a millionaire – and a fantasy asset.  


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