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Dynasty-Fantasy Offseason Notes, Rumors, Musings (4/2/2019)

April 2, 2019 12:38 PM
April 2, 2019 12:37 PM

Throughout April and the summer, we’ll be dropping Dynasty-Fantasy notes every day or two as we have some things of interest, rumors, etc., to talk about.

*Writing them on the fly, forgive any errors…

-- During the earlier free agency period, the Lions were in play for RB Malcolm Brown…the Lions signed him to an offer sheet that the Rams matched. The Lions kicked the tires on a few other secondary RBs, but just now landed C.J. Anderson.

You remember C.J. Anderson, right? The guy who saved the Rams late in the 2018 season and almost helped them win the Rams a Super Bowl, and was better than Todd Gurley down the stretch? I know Gurley was hurt…for nine weeks…despite taking games off, getting cleared to play, starting games, having a few bye weeks mixed in, etc. Whatever it was – C.J. Anderson looked just as good as Gurley when he was healthy and when Gurley was hurt for weeks on end (but still playing and looked healthy enough to me, and the Rams doctors…and cleared to play, just ineffective). That C.J. Anderson is now a Lion.

Why are the Lions so desperate to add a 2nd running back in the ‘banger’ role that LeGarrette Blount brought last year (Matt Patricia’s first year)? Obviously, the Lions/Patricia are going split backfield/RBBC like good ole’ Bill Belichick. And/or there is a lack of confidence in Kerryon Johnson as a lead dog, which I have been speculating could/would happen pre-2018 NFL Draft with Kerryon.

Either way…your Kerryon Johnson stock just took another blow.

And your Zach Zenner stock is worthless until he leaves the Lions. It’s on him that he still stayed with this team that has screwed him of playing time for years. I love Zenner’s deep sleeper potential NFL/FF value, but I must breakup with him now and forever. He couldn’t contractually leave Detroit before. He could have this offseason…he chose to stay. I’m ‘out’ on Zenner (until he’s cut and signs with some team that pulls me back to him).

-- Emmanuel Ogbah was traded to KC for Eric Murray…a trade that probably registered zero emotion on either end of the spectrum for fans or dynasty GMs.

The bigger takeaway is Cleveland GM John Dorsey is executing Sashi Brown’s/the Moneyball guy’s initial draft like the scene in The Godfather where Michael is christening his godson while all his enemies are being killed in the same time range/scene.

Moneyball is dead in the NFL. The establishment is making sure it will not prosper…and is actively trying to embarrass it now. If a group of players from the 2016 NFL Draft helped the Browns win ahead…then maybe analysts and fans would think – perhaps this was a Hue Jackson and/or ownership issue all along? THEY cannot let that have a chance to happen. If you want to properly kill off any hopes of Moneyball scouting/management overtaking the antiquated, cantankerous group running things now – Dorsey has to gut the team of all Moneyball guys to make sure no credit could be derived from them for any successes ahead. A few guys can/will stay, but most need to go…so, no credit for team success could mistakenly happen from any chunk of the Moneyball group’s draft picks.

The Browns made nine picks in the 2016 NFL Draft top 140. Here’s ‘where they are now’…

#15 WR Corey Coleman…traded to the Bills for nothing last preseason.

#32 DE Emmanuel Ogbah…traded to KC this week.

#65 DL Carl Nassib…cut by the Browns last preseason, went on to flourish in Tampa Bay last season.

#76 OT Shon Coleman…traded to the 49ers last preseason for nothing.

#93 QB Cody Kessler…traded to Jacksonville last preseason for nothing.

#99 LB Joe Schobert…starting LB for the Browns still.

#114 WR Ricardo Louis…cut this week.

#129 SAF Derrick Kindred…cut this week.

#138 TE Seth DeValve…likely the next head to roll. Still with the team as of this writing.

Nine top 140 draft picks, a draft everyone loved, and they have a starting linebacker, Eric Murray from KC, and a few 7th-round picks to show for it. Imagine if in 2016 a team approached Cleveland and said, “I’ll give you a backup safety, two 7th-round picks and a decent starting linebacker for your first nine picks, all top 140 selections, in the draft?”

ON one hand, these trades/cuts just looks ridiculous. Really…everyone from the previous regime drafted is ‘unworthy’? So ‘unworthy’ that they all must go/get dumped for whatever can be had? Really? You’re that petty, John Dorsey? (Answer: yes).

On the other hand, I appreciate that a new GM/Head Coach combo is going in and making wholesale changes instead of just doing nothing/little. This offseason, I see Arizona and Cleveland are making radical and sweeping changes to the roster…maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but it’s something. Then I look at bad teams like the Cincinnati Bengals or Miami Dolphins and wonder why they aren’t getting more radical/grandiose with their moves under new management.

Points for doing something vs. doing nothing…? The comedy/tragedy being…if Arizona and Cleveland make all these moves and don’t move forward this year – what a waste of time, money, and energy.

-- The return of things that make me mad/are pet peeves…our popular offseason series of nuggets.

My first for 2019…

I have a Ring video doorbell.

When a strange person came to my door and was being suspicious, you know what I didn’t do? I didn’t activate the communication feature and have a sarcastic conversation with them. Who are these people in these Ring commercials? People with hoodies and winter caps (a sure sign of trouble) shuffle up to their doors/houses and then the TV homeowner is like, “Hey, whatcha doing? Out for a nice stroll? Uhhh…uhh…cat got your tongue? If I were you, I’d start running!!

When a strange person tripped my camera doorbell, I had a slightly different reaction -- My heart rate doubled…I fumble dropped my phone in a panic…then I was frantically trying to remember where my baseball bat and closest gun was at. I readied my son to call 9-1-1. Not once did I decide…hey, this is a good time for a silly ass banter with potential axe murder late at night while I’m getting a pedicure somewhere.

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