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Dynasty Stash Video Q&A #1 Event Access Info/Code, etc.

December 1, 2018 3:45 PM
December 1, 2018 3:40 PM

*Dynasty Stash Video Q&A #1 event access info and access code are now posted in the Dynasty Stash Report Area. You'll see it.*

I have no idea how many people might be on due to the football playoff games, but I'll be there. It might be just me and you talking about your dynasty team and Spencer Ware and Jake Kumerow and Noah Fant for an hour!


Dynasty (and Keeper) Long-term Planning Video Q&A Schedule and Info

We’re starting our Dynasty Stash Video Q&A’s this week and they will run every week at random times for an hour to start and may run longer. *FOR 2018 DYNASTY STASH SUBSCRIBERS ONLY*

I’m going to try to get these Video’s as the test/forerunners of putting them in a library for folks to access. We’re working on that. If we can’t get this going right in 2018 it will be done in 2019 for sure…for all the various Video Q&A’s throughout the year, including plans we have for this offseason and NFL Draft periods, etc.

Regardless, the Dynasty Stash Video Q&A’s are starting…but we need to be clear on the ground rules (to make it easier for me to properly answer your question). The things to keep in mind will be noted below;  please take a second to read through them if you’re going to be joining in.

The proposed schedule of Dynasty Stash Video Q&A’s

LAST SECOND ADD -- 12/1 SAT: 7-7:55pmET… test of the process. A short 55 minute session, a hard out so everyone can watch the 8pmET College Football conference title games (and maybe ALA-GA is over by then).


12/7 FRI: 2pmET to 3pmET

12/14 FRI: noonET to 1pmET

12/19 WED: 930pm-11pm

12/28 or 12/29…still hashing out with holiday travel schedule

-- Come and stay for your question or the whole show or leave when you have your question answered.

-- Shows may run over/later then stated end-time.

-- Wanted to get as many year-end planning sessions in before your roster stashing periods end (folks have all different cutoff dates/weeks).

-- Wanted to mix different times/days of the week to see how it worked, including the international subscribers.

-- I’ll post show reminders of these shows the week/day leading up and how to access info will be on the Dynasty Stash area clearly marked.

-- This is a specific window of long-term planning questioning (not the weekly sit-start) + the holidays, so attendance at sometimes could be low on any given show (I have no idea, never tried this before) – meaning you could get a whole lot of questions/consulting value if you’re lucky enough. I’ll analyze your whole dynasty team if need be/you want, of lower attendance…if the general questions have run out.

Keep these things in mind…

-- This is dynasty-based. I’ll answer all questions with that mindset…with the long game in mind. But if it pertains to a current title run or rebuild happening now, I need to know that to evaluate the now and then aspects.

-- # of teams in your league, PPR/no, 4 or 6pts per pass TD, flex-3WR-2QB, etc. – the key particulars in a brief lead-in/shorthand is huge for your question. I almost can’t and sometimes won’t answer until I know. Help me help you. Abbreviate it, I know what you mean 99% of the time.

-- Ask about Keepers, who I would keep X, Y, or Z, etc. Just let me know what round you lose a pick in for keeping so I can evaluate properly.

-- Trades with a long-term vision in mind – trade for, trade away…would I do this trade? However you want to ask it.

-- This or that? Feel free to just tee-up a __ or ___ player scenario – whether for a stash or a potential trade idea, or whatever.

-- Grab/stash ___? Please let me know who you would drop and/or who you other legit options are. Asking if you should grab Jake Kumerow…fine, but who else would I get instead or who would be cut to make room? Get what I’m saying?

-- 2019 prospects. I’ll be talking about some new ones I’ve looked at. Please bring up ones you’d like for me to look at for the next week/rookie rankings. Ask me about any college guys you’d like, I’ll answer or tell you I don’t know yet.


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R.C. Fischer is a fantasy football player analyst for Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics. 


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