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Expanded Info on Our 2018 Draft Guide Release (from June 11)

June 11, 2018 8:32 AM
August 22, 2018 3:00 AM


OK, a big change for the 2018 FFM Fantasy Football Draft Guide formatting this year…

We moved the Draft Guide away from one super-long PDF that looked nice but was still a giant PDF everyone had to scroll through looking for their information and I changed it to a more searchable spreadsheet format. We still have the main Cheat Sheet format in spreadsheet form like prior year, but now the commentary view/options are displayed that way as well.

I wanted the Draft Guide to be more functional and useful versus being a slick-looking, long PDF document-that caused an Easter egg hunt of scrolling every other time you were looking for something.

The entire draft guide and special reports are going onto one spreadsheet file with multiple tabs/options to view different data and reports (at bottom of spreadsheet/web page).

You can view the draft guide info just like any information on a webpage -- it's your first glance of what you'll see. You can look at it like one long document and scroll around if you prefer -- but putting it into this base spreadsheet format you’ll be able to make copies of any sheet/tab/report, edit it, download to a PDF view if you like as well – it’s customizable if you desire. I wanted a way to give everyone ways to work with it the way they wanted to, that fits them.


Questions that may come to mind and/or things to note…


 -- Why a spreadsheet format?

Two main reasons…

1) It’s easier to sort, filter to various views and searches of 600+ players and positions or teams, etc.

2) We’re setting it up, so you can pull your own copy and manipulate however you wish or add notes or add your own columns, colors, etc.

In the end, if you fear spreadsheets because you don’t use them often…you can read/print the reports just like one long document as it shows at first glance/look.


 -- Why Google Sheets over Excel? *Google Sheets is Google’s ‘Excel’ mimic

Google Sheets are much, much easier for me to work with as far as fast update versus what we were doing.

Plus, you can select the option to download in Excel and 10 seconds later you got it an Excel to do with it what you wish -- if you’re an Excel-preferred person (like me, but Google Sheets is pretty similar in many ways).


 -- We’ve extended the Cheat Sheet data

This year’s Cheat Sheet includes the Overall rank, positional rank, ADP, PPG projected, height-weight-age, 40-time, three-cone, bench press, vertical (measurables from their Combine or Pro Day).


 -- Data and reports showing when you arrive…

600+ players projected and ranked on our cheat sheets with extended data (ADPs, measurables, etc.). A PPR and a non-PPR ranking/projection Cheat Sheet available.

350+ players with 100-300+ on the commentary view report/sheet option. Another 100-150+ player commentaries adding in over the next few weeks.

Undervalued Report – Five names to start, will be at 20+ in about a week.

Top 25 Commentary Report – Will post by end of June.

Schedule for each team

FAQs, Tips page


Any questions, issues, guidance, good ideas for us – email our tech support from our ‘contact us’ on the home page. You can always e-mail me, but if an access issue or confusion e-mail our support ahead of emailing me so the case is set up. Good ideas or love/hate, you can email me.


*Note: my new football email, as I ditch corporate email.

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