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FFM/Advanced Sports Logic's 2020 DFS Lineup Optimizer Tool Available (Please read info before sign-up)

September 7, 2019 10:01 PM
September 12, 2020 9:40 PM

Season #3 for our partnership with Advanced Sports Logic on creating the FFM Daily Leagues/Lineup Optimizer.

This year, it’s a $9.99 per month (30 days) offering…a la Netflix, etc., cancel the upcoming month any time with no strings attached.

It has NFL DFS with FFM data but there's also other sports included you can use for (not FFM data).

*IMPORTANT SIGN UP NOTE: This is a joint partnership tool – you’re signing up for the Optimizer on a new platform, so you are like a ‘new customer’ to this Optimizer tool…so sign-up with any username/password you want, including mimicking your exact FFM one, but your first sign up for it like you’re a new/unknown person to the system for this. Make sense? Also, you'll get an email confirmation right away and you'll need to 'activate' for first use. Just a head's up.


What the DFS Optimizer is…


 -- It’s my exact FFM performance projections for the week, by player, matched to DraftKings, Yahoo, FanDuel salaries…and the program executes looking for the most points you can get, per FFM numbers, for your salary cap spend. You press the button and, in an instant, a proposed best (optimized) lineup for your spend appears.


 -- You can customize and play with different scenarios…

Want the best lineup built around Tyreek Hill in it – tap/click the ‘lock button’ on Tyreek and hit the button and the Optimizer will then give you it’s best FFM spend on all the other positions with Tyreek a must in the lineup configuration.

Have a feeling on Bryan Edwards this week? Lock him in and see what team we optimize as best scoring team around that.

You can lock in one or two or three or all of the positions and run scenarios.

You can LOCK OUT players, so they aren’t used/considered. Example: If you like most of a lineup idea presented but hate (example) a Tyreek suggestion because he is going vs. Jalen Ramsey -- you can tap/click the ‘ignore button’ on Tyreek and re-run and the Optimizer will suggest the next best player/lineup/spend ignoring Tyreek as any option whatsoever.

Ignore/ban as many players as you want. Lock in as many as you’d like. Play around with ‘Stack’ feature (going heavy on one team’s passing game because you love the matchup). Make all kinds of conditions and simply hit ‘reset’ if you want to erase all the conditions and start fresh…and can start applying re-conditioning again as you wish and then clearing them, as so on...


 -- We update the Optimizer right after updating our Weekly projection numbers on FFM. It can take 5-15 approx. minutes for the system to update.


What I loved about the Optimizer most last year, was the time I saved. No more hunting and pecking and writing down names and lineup options and/or putting things into an Excel or tinkering with the DraftKings, Yahoo, FanDuel system, etc., and trying to find what I liked/what options I still had. Now, at the push of a button I could see what FFM was really suggesting and then I could go click the exact players into DraftKings, Yahoo, FanDuel when I was settled.

I liked being able to ‘have a hunch’ on 1-2-3 cheap players and then hitting the button to see what FFM thought was the best spend of my vast wealth remaining. It’s addictive.

If you play a bunch of DFS and/or for high-stakes…this is going to be a wise $9.99 per month in time savings and new idea generation alone. Your support of it also supports the programmers to keep upgrading this tool, and to help us make new ones in the future. The future of FFM is working with programmers to improve our technologies and presentations to save you time and hassle. This Optimizer is, hopefully, the first of many neat things we have planned for the future. Your $9.99 support each month really helps the cause.

Also, if you’re into baseball, basketball, etc., DFS – Advanced Sports Logic’s programming for us on this Optimizer has those other sport options too. Access to the other sports is included in your $9.99 per month.


Lastly, a word of warning/patience. If you did not use the Optimizer last year – this is a new technology to you. Like a new App or website, etc. You’re going to get all excited, purchase it, and be totally confused the first minute trying to figure out where everything is/how to hit the buttons and options.

If you’re like me/the human race, I want everything to be 100% intuitive and understandable in two seconds or I’m going to pout and scream and call it ‘stupid’ and never want to use it again. It’s a silly reaction that I have, just like when I was confused when I first ordered at Starbucks or Chipotle or on Amazon...and now I can't live without it. THIS IS NEW TO YOU!!! Give yourself a break. Take 5-15 minutes clicking around and figuring out where everything is.  

When I tested it initially, it took me a short time to figure out the basics (it’s pretty simple). But it took 15-30+ minutes of playing around to understand all the capabilities. I realized how to use a lineup feature on the 3rd-4th time I used it…one I was blind to, even though it was explained to me in advance. It’s pretty simple and quick to figure out, in general, but it give yourself some time tinkering with it before you throw your cellphone or scissor kick your computer and email me or the tech support on how it doesn’t work or you can’t figure it out. You will figure it out after a little tinkering. We’re here to answer questions/support you. Just don’t assume you’ll be an expert on it in the first 30-seconds.

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