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FFM/CFM Daily Summary...Nov. 8, 2021/Monday

November 8, 2021 8:11 AM
November 8, 2021 8:00 PM

FFM/CFM Daily Summary...Nov. 8, 2021/Monday

*Special Note about this week's FFM flow...


This is a big week in the RC household… My oldest son is getting married midweek, and I’m going down to be a part of the (very) small ceremony and pre + post celebrations in the great state of Florida – so, big road trip week…and chaos for the football work week.

I love my son, but how dare he get married during the football season! Just kidding. Both of my boys are wonderful, and God is about to bless us with an amazing, talented daughter added to our family. Marrying over our heads is a Fischer tradition.

I’m so looking forward to this…I can’t believe it is happening. Like it’s not real yet, because I’m so busy trying to figure out the touch distribution between Jeremy McNichols and Adrian Peterson and D’Onta Foreman type things in my head every day -- it seems like this wedding snuck up on me. I want a little less McNichols thoughts and a little more time soaking in/living in the moment of this special week.

But I got a job to do for America…so, this work week will be a first for me – juggling the football world that never pauses while trying to enjoy this momentous week for our family. I’m going to be leaning on Starbucks (and possibly amphetamines) heavily this week! I need to try that new Sugar Cookie Latte at Starbucks but get out of here with that Almond milk standard for it – it’s whole milk or bust for RC. 


My plans in the key FF areas this week are as follows…

1) GAME REPORTS – I am going to be watching tape in the car (cell reception permitting) and in hotels but I’ll be pinched for time to do the expansive write ups per day. I will sacrifice the write-ups to be sure to do my studies of the tape and data, stay in contact with my sources, and make sure our projections are as good as they can be.

So, with that, you will see a few less game reports early in the week…and then a surge of them at the end of the week as I get back from my trip. I may do abbreviated report versions of what I’m seeing on tape and getting from sources early in the week/daily, to stay on the front line. Ross J. will take on an extra report or two to help me out as well.

I’ll be working/watching to stay on top of things, but I need to create some time – and the thing I can sacrifice is trying to push some of the game analysis reports off into later in the week when I’m back at the office.

2) VIDEO Q&As – Still planning for Tuesday night and Thursday pregame, as usual. But the time of the Tuesday night one could be changed due to the travel. I will alert that day as to what we are looking like…could be the normal 8:30pmET, could be 8pmET start…could be 9pmET start. And it will be a hard-out this week…no Joe Rogan Experience three hour events this week.

Also, all my normal video equipment is at my home office…so, there might be a blank screen instead of my beautiful face on Tuesday…but all the audio and chat questions like normal.

3) WEEKLY PROJECTIONS – All planned to go as usual/daily.

4) MONDAY THREE THINGS/FIVE PLAYERS…could be out normal time between 5-7pmET (allowing for latest injury info etc.) but might be more 7-8pmET+. It will be published on Monday for sure, but it could be a little later than normal.

5) EMAILS – I’ll try to keep up with them as best as I can, but no guarantees on how timely early in the week.

I’m still going to be on the football frontline and working/hustling, just the times of the things may be a little different this week/slightly delayed and the game reports will be released more later in the week than a nice spread of them throughout the week.


For those of you into such things: Your travel prayers (for my family and for the honeymooner’s trip) and all wedding events going smoothly prayers are welcomed and appreciated! This is such an exciting week for me and my wife, but I can hardly believe it’s really happening. It wasn’t long ago I was grounding my son for poor grades in school, teaching him how to throw a football, and going on college visits – and now, married…what?

Items posted so far today...  

-- Week 9 Three Things/Five Players NOW POSTED

-- Projections Week 10 version 1.0 will debut Tuesday around 7-8pmET

Access Projections: Go to FFM homepage, 'Projections' tab, click position to look at (note=QB position tab has ALL the projections for every position) but individual pages have the special player notes. You can download these projections into Excel or Google Sheets or a PDF.

*KEEP your FLEX flexible -- no TNF guys in your flex unless no other choice. Put MNF or SNF guys into the flex if the option presents.*

*VIDEO Q&As every TUE 8:30pmET, THU pre TNF kickoff, and every SUN 10:30-noonET 

All shows instantly on demand (for approx. 30 days) to watch or listen at your leisure.

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