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H-Chat Wk5: KC (-1.0) at HOU

October 8, 2017 12:49 PM
October 8, 2017 12:50 PM

*This is the transcript of our Handicapping group wager chat for this particular game. Taking it as it is, so forgive any typos, etc. It's just casual opinions shared. Also, we may veer way off topic but that's half the fun of it.

FFM Computer: 39-24, B5 13-7

Savage: 38-25; Blazing 5: 10-10; Best Bet: 2-2

Skolman: 33-30; Blazing 5: 12-8; Best Bet: 2-2

Katz: 31-32; Blazing 5: 8-12; Best Bet: 1-3

Rabbitt: 33-30; Blazing 5: 12-8; Best Bet: 2-2

RC: 33-30 Blazing 5: 11-9; Best Bet: 1-3

Katz: Back to back road primetime games for the Chiefs. Does the Deshaun Watson miracle tour roll on?


Rabbitt: All aboard the KC train for me.  Until of course they run into Denver. This is going to be the week Reid decides to use Hill. I can just feel it... or something.


Katz: My predicted Tyreek Hill stat line: 5-55-0. Chiefs should win this game. But they won't. I haven't yet figured out how they're going to lose, but they will find a way. Home underdogs in prime time!


Savage: Texans are in my blazing 5. KC continues to be one of the worst teams in terms of sacks allowed and I have to think that's going to cost them a game eventually. Their Right Guard got hurt last week and they were already without their opening day Center. Not ideal if you're about to play JJ Watt.


Watson may not be a skilled pocket passer, but he made it work in college and is playing about as well as you could expect from a rookie QB. The Texans O-line isn't very good either, but Watson can turn a lot of Tom Savage sacks into positive plays.


RC: This so feels like a HOU upset that I’m taking KC for the win. What has KC won like 50 regular season games in a row? I agree, however, the O-Line injuries scare me for KC…so KC might not be able to run. If only they had a WR they could use for bubble screens and jet sweeps to keep HOU honest. Maybe, someday KC will find such a player or this could be the moment De’Anthony Thomas finally breaks out?


Katz: I am fully prepared to eat a whole lot of crow on Deshaun Watson. If he plays well and the Texans win this game, I will admit defeat. I almost feel like my pick of Houston is a subconscious hedge against my Watson prediction.

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