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H-Chat Wk5: MIN (-3.0) at CHI

October 9, 2017 8:07 PM
October 9, 2017 8:11 PM

*This is the transcript of our Handicapping group wager chat for this particular game. Taking it as it is, so forgive any typos, etc. It's just casual opinions shared. Also, we may veer way off topic but that's half the fun of it.

FFM Computer: 39-24, B5 13-7

Savage: 38-25; Blazing 5: 10-10; Best Bet: 2-2

Skolman: 33-30; Blazing 5: 12-8; Best Bet: 2-2

Katz: 31-32; Blazing 5: 8-12; Best Bet: 1-3

Rabbitt: 33-30; Blazing 5: 12-8; Best Bet: 2-2

RC: 33-30 Blazing 5: 11-9; Best Bet: 1-3

Katz: The Mitch Trubisky era is upon us. Sam Bradford is poised to make his triumphant return and rid us of the displeasure of watching Case Keenum attempt to play quarterback. 

Skolman:  I'm not sure Bradford is going to play, he was not a full participant in practice.  Even if he does I think a repeat of the opening day performance is what's being priced in here.  The only thing that can save the Vikes season is Bridgewater being ready in a few weeks.  If you like the Bears I'd grab the 3.5 now.  I'm leaning that way.

RC: I have no idea what to expect here because I don’t know what John Fox is going to let/make Trubisky do. All we have from the preseason is Trubisky instantly a star in his first appearance (which is preseason, so you can only go so far with excitement)…and then the next few weeks Fox buried Trubisky to protect Glennon. Since then, the Bears have lost all their WRs. I am hoping/praying that a totally geeked MNF crowd at Chicago, one that has fallen in love with Trubisky, comes out as loud and proud as ever while Trubisky pops right away and the place goes nuts and rattles Case Keenum and friends into a blindsiding. Minnesota may be the better team but may also be getting ready to walk into an ambush.

Katz: I like the Bears even with Bradford back. I'm choosing to believe in the legend of Mitch Trubisky. Plus, too many road favorites are winning. Enough of that. It's time for a home underdog in primetime to actually come through.

Savage: I thought Bradford was a full participant on Saturday and was likely to go. I like the Vikings either way, especially with Bradford. I'm sure you guys remember they went to Chicago on a Monday night last year as a 6 point favorite and lost outright, ending a few of our survivor pool runs. That was their 2nd loss of the year and 2nd in a row and it kind of set off the Vikings downward spiral. I'm not big on the revenge storylines, but in this case you have the superior team avenging a major upset loss from the year before. I'd argue that this Vikings team is probably better than last year because their O-line isn't terrible anymore while the Bears are the same semi-talented mess, and this year you only have to lay 3 points.

Skolman:   I just decided that if the Cubs win then it's a good night in the Windy City and I'm not about to step in front of that train...I'll flip to the Bears.

Katz: That flip makes this a 4-1 consensus pick!

RC: Did ‘4-1’ underdogs go 2-0 Sunday?

Katz: We had Baltimore and Arizona. 1-1.

Skolman:    My flip flop is contingent on the outcome of the Cubs game...I'm riding good or bad Chicago

momentum tonight.  Nate are up 1-0 in the 7th.  Nats hold on, then Mitch is in over his head and I'm sticking with the Vikes.  Cubs come back and win then I'm hitting the Bears money line!

Savage: Regardless of what you think about Dalvin Cook, I don't think they'll miss him much. A lot of his success had to do with the improved O-line and not being Matt Asiata. Latavius and McKinnon are both capable and versatile enough to play 3 downs if needed, so having the luxury to use them in a split is pretty nice.

RC: How will the media downplay this if Trubisky goes out and stomps a mudhole in the Vikings tonight? Mitchell is not allowed to be as good as Deshaun Watson or Jameis Winston. Heaven help him if he struggles tonight…they’ll be re-mocking the trade up to get him for a week.

Skolman:  I think a Bears win (or cover) looks like a lot of J. Howard / T. Cohen and Trubisky working the TEs and being mobile...maybe an occasional bomb to who ever T. Waynes is covering.  Probably have to wait for a weaker defense to stuff the stat sheet.  

Ok!  So the Cubs are final (2-1 win) so here's how I'll justify my newfound Bears +3.5 position...

-We may think D. Cook is equal to L. Murray, McKinnon combo but I'm not sure the Vikings do.  I have Murray or McKinnon in enough FF spots to hope, but we don't know the impact.

-The Bears can bring some pass rush (the Saints couldn't) and Bradford is going to be a potted plant.  

-If the Vikings happen to be up 10, I think the never say die Bears scratch and claw to score to give Mitch so Mo.

-Vikings certainly care about the Bears but they have the Packers next week.

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