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H-Group Chat Week 12: MIN at DET (+3.0)

November 23, 2017 12:03 PM
November 23, 2017 12:00 PM

Katz: The Lions are getting three at home in the first of our Turkey Day trifecta. The Lions need this game more than the Vikings and they're used to the short week this time of year.


Rabbitt: The lions might be secretly good.  Look at their losses. Outside of the saints and bills games all really close and are all against really good teams.  They beat the vikings on the road. I am taking the points and running, and reserving the right to love this game and bet on it.


RC: I wanna bet DET but Case Keenum keeps surviving. I’d pull the trigger on the Lions if they had any running game. Plus, the Lions are getting sacked at an alarming rate…and facing MIN. ‘Home on TNF’ is the most appealing thing about Detroit…I don’t feel great about that.


Skolman:  The Lions are a steaming bag of poop.  Except the kicker, he’s awesome!


Savage: In my opinion the Lions are neither secretly good nor a steaming bag of poop. They're the same mediocre team they always have been that plays close games with everyone.  

If I'm getting the full 3 points, that's worth a small bet on the Lions. That's a little too much respect for the Vikings on the road, short week, after 2 huge wins. Keenum has played well, but for the most part he hasn't had to make a ton of plays to win these games. They've only trailed in the 4th quarter twice, in both their losses. If the Lions can get a lead and put the pressure on Keenum to win the game,  I think we'll see him fail. And if the Lions don't get a lead, they're very comfortable playing from behind in the 4th quarter. We saw Minnesota nearly blow the lead to Washington 2 weeks ago, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen against Detroit.


Katz: I feel like the narrative of Matt Stafford stepping up on Thanksgiving Day is either overblown or circumstantial. More importantly, the Lions are home and it's still Case Keenum on the road. Keenum has played well, but I still am convinced that the first slip up he commits will lead to Teddy Bridgewater taking his job. I don't know if it happens on Thursday, but either way, I like the Lions here.



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