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H-Group Chat Week 15 TNF: DEN at IND (+3.0)

December 14, 2017 8:27 PM
December 14, 2017 8:22 PM

Katz: The Broncos just walloped the Jets in the blowout of the week. Now they travel to Indy on a short week after Indy just played 5 quarters in a blizzard. Do we trust Denver as road favorites in prime time? 

RC: Can I first pose…how is this a game in primetime? This is the worst. 

I wanna go Denver by gut but then home teams are so magical on TNF.


Katz: Because it's Thursday night football late in the season. This is what happens. I'm glad. I don't have to care too much and it's mostly irrelevant for fantasy. Oh right. The game. Should I overreact to Denver's performance last week? I have no idea. Seriously no clue on this game. I'll probably just see where the public is at Thursday morning and go the other way.


Rabbitt: I honestly don't know what I am cheering for anymore. I want Vance to get fired, so I suppose I should want Denver to lose. That probably means they win. A note from my broncos braintrust/knowledge here. If there is a crack in Talibs armor it is against a super speedy receiver ala Hilton. All it takes is a score or two and the broncos can't win.


Savage: Pretty big mismatch in terms of talent. You would think Denver will be able to take advantage of that. 

The Colts got completely shut down in both of their games against the Jaguars and haven't really played any other elite defenses outside of that. If the Denver D shows up tonight, the Colts won't be able to score much. 

I'd like to place an actual bet on Denver, but I can't bring myself to back them as a road favorite when they haven't won a road game all year.


Katz: I've decided to take Denver because they actually have a couple good players on defense. Offensively, the Broncos don't need to do much. The Colts have one good player in TY Hilton, who will be locked down by Aqib Talib and Chris Harris. I feel like we're in for a low scoring, ugly, boring Thursday night game. Which is par for the course.


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