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Week 1 Handicapping Chat: Chargers at Denver (-3.5)

September 11, 2017 8:40 PM
September 11, 2017 8:40 PM

Katz: We'll go with the final game of the week as our pick of the Monday nighters to discuss. Will the Chargers do #Chargersthings and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they have done for years?


Rabbitt: You all KNOW I can't be rational about this game.  However, given what we saw this weekend how can you not ride with the better defense?


Katz: I took the Chargers because I do think they have more talent on the roster, but they're just really good at losing these games. I'm not confident at all.


RC: Two coaches I cannot figure out/don’t like what I see. I picked the home + defense advantage with Jamaal Charles as my ace in the hole. I wouldn’t bet this one with any conviction. Now the Saints over the Vikings…that’s where the action is at. Gimme some Saints + points appetizer and maybe I’ll plunk a minimum on Denver just to have a reason to watch.


Skolman:   I'll take the points with SD because I don't have a strong feeling either way.  I'd say if you want to bet Denver take it now at -3...that line could be 4 once the Vikes D is done with Brees!


Savage: I liked the Chargers. They played Denver tough both times last season. Lost by 8 on the road, but had a 1st and goal that they botched at the very end. I don't think Siemien should be laying more than a field goal to a team that isn't a bottom feeder. Is anyone worried about the Denver D without Wade Phillips?


Rabbitt: Since no one with a neutral point of view is going to defend my Broncos, I'll state my case.  Denvers defense should cause the Chargers absolute fits.  They still don't have a way to block Von Miller. ILBs are healthy and ready to go. The chargers don't have a realistic threat to get open on the Roby/Talib/Harris combo.  Justin Simmons believe it or not is an upgrade on Ward. That kid can make plays.


Offensively... denver has some reasons for hope.  Trevor is limited.  However, so are Wentz, Cousins, Smith, etc. I think Trevor can move the ball. The offensive line, while still not great is vastly improved.  WR core is very good. RB's aren't great, but can do the job.  I think Denver only needs 17-24 range to cover. I really think they have the tools to do that.  Can you really find more than 14 points for the chargers here?


BTW, this line is at -3 at both my books.


Katz: I am of the belief that Wade Phillips' departure does matter here. We've seen the Chiefs break through this defense. Why not the Chargers?


Rabbitt: Because the Chargers don't have Tyreek Hill.  What did Wade Phillips do last year that made you think he was so great?


Katz: I guess maybe I'm overreacting to how much better the defense got when he arrived and how much better the Rams looked on defense yesterday. You're probably right. The players are the same. Von Miller is still incredible. Chris Harris and Aqib Talib are still the best corner duo in the NFL. I did bench Tyrell in all leagues where I have him because of this defense. I think the real reason behind my Chargers pick is I'm just fading the public on a game where I don't have much of a feel.


Savage: Is the public on the Broncos? From what I've seen the betting has been pretty neutral, but it depends where you look and who you talk to. The public definitely loves a certain side in the early game though...


Katz: Yeah it depends on the source. I'm seeing 51% on Denver now so it appears your information is more accurate than mine.


Skolman:   Poor Chuck Pagano took such a beating he forgot who administered it.  "Credit to the 49ers". That's really bad.

I sat Tyrell Williams is most places as well, I respect Denver D but SD D is no joke...with a little line move maybe I'll jump in on the first half under.

Moss gets his Purple Jacket tonight...going in the ring of honor at halftime.  Diggs and Thielen have custom 84 cleats for the occasion. Probably the craziest US Bank is going to be aside from the Packers game.  Last ditch effort!

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