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Monday Night Football Watch Party/Video Q&A (Week 9)

November 3, 2018 11:22 PM
November 4, 2018 8:42 PM

Monday Night Football Watch Party/Video Q&A (Week 9)

There’s something called ‘the election’ Tuesday night, perhaps you’ve heard of it? It’s important, I guess, I’m told…because I’ve seen all the TV ads -- whichever side wins ‘The House’ (of Representatives) means country is either doomed to Socialism or Nazism, so that will be fun to see what we have for our children to look forward to.

Actually, I love all this stuff. I will be more excited for Tuesday night than Sunday Rodgers v. Brady. I love political drama like this. Plus, I just get to sit back and watch…a break from football. I’ll forget about football for a few hours and celebrate or cry. Actually, I’ll probably be answering football email during that time I’m sure.

I love election night events like this with so much drama…from an amateur statistician standpoint. I have my own two-bit election prediction models for The House and Senate, updating with the latest data. I’m sorry…it’s what I do. I can’t shut it off. I can’t live and enjoy life like a normal human being…I’m like the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, only a lot dumber.

All that said, we got fantasy titles to win and waivers to play still, election or no election. So, to give everyone the chance to have the Video Q&A opportunity ahead of Tuesday waiver night madness – we are doing a special LIVE session during Monday Night Football (Tennessee at Dallas).

The plan is – start time 8pmET, possibly in time for me to mock Booger and Witten right from the jump.

I have Jason Katz lined up, diehard Dallas fan, to watch MNF with me on the Video Chat. Analyst Ross Jacobs si scheduled to join as well. We will turn away from the camera and watch the game when it’s live and make sassy comments about anything we see, but when it goes to commercial – then we’ll be taking your fantasy questions. Any questions you want like the normal Video Q&A show on Tuesday nights.

The show is over when the game is over. I’m committed to the whole enchilada. We might have a guest or two join Katz and I as well.

So, if you want to see what it would be like if we were watching a game with you at your place…tune in and let us be your alternative to Booger-Witten-Chatbot5000.

If you want fantasy questions answered, you can type them from the Video Chat event room and we’ll post them and answer them during the commercials. I’m also planning to talk about Sunday events throughout, so you may get some fantasy ideas from what we’re discussing in general.

It could be a great way to enhance your MNF experience…or, it could be a total hot mess (doubtful). Join us if you dare.

Just adhere to the rules of the Video Q&A…

-- Give us the pertinent league details with your question (abbreviate as best you can)…PPR/no? 4pts or 6pts or what for passing TDs? Bonuses for long plays/TDs/100+ or 300+, etc. (just type ‘+bonus’ and we’ll have a good idea)? Start 3 WRs…or a TE gets 1.5 PPR…or 2 QB league…whatever, help us out.

-- Let us know your record/games out of playoff…so, we know your situation/desperation (if pertinent).

-- If you want to pickup or drop X…who are you getting/dropping in their place, so we can evaluate the move? Go beyond ‘Should I drop Marquise Goodwin?’…tell us who you would pickup in his place -- or 'Should I add Josh Adams'...tell us who would go/what are the alternatives (if that makes sense).

-- You can ask about sit/start, waivers, trades, dynasty stash, handicapping, the election…you name it.

MNF Video Event ACCESS details will post midday Monday – but start time is 8pmET, and you join/leave as you desire or stay the whole time. You might want to plug us in via cellphone access to Shindig (app) to follow the show there with us in an earbud one ear and listening to MNF with the other ear, but I don’t want to tell you your business. I can’t listen to MNF analysts talk for long, so I’d rather listen to me than them…but we’ll likely be making fun of them, so hearing them may be important. Joining, listening via your other devices is totally fine too…cellphone makes you more mobile if it matters.

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