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REWIND 2018: Rams 'All or Nothing' on Amazon/2017…Episode 3/8 Review

May 8, 2018 8:35 PM
May 11, 2018 9:30 AM

We’re getting ready for the watching/review of the 2018 Amazon ‘All or Nothing’ Dallas Cowboys documentary. Episode #1 review of the Dallas version is planned to be published May 17. Until we get there, please to enjoy my groundbreaking study of the 2017 Rams’ doc…groundbreaking by me as that show is where we built Rams’ fantasy theories that crushed it and cashed in on them over and over in our handicapping…as it took about 10+ weeks into the 2017 season for the public and Vegas to get figure out/on board. What will I discover with the Dallas series? We’ll find out soon. Until then…

Rams 'All or Nothing' on Amazon…Episode 3/8 Review

Not much new happens in this episode compared to the prior episode. It's the calm before the storm episode. For most of this episode, the Rams are riding high coming into it with their two-game winning streak, which quickly turns into a three-game winning streak in the division lead at 3–1 with a win over Arizona. The episode ends with a sloppy loss to Buffalo…but that still leaves the Rams 3-2 overall, and they believe they are totally fine. They're about to lose 4 games in a row, and 11 losses in their final 12 games, starting with this Buffalo loss…and the whole sham that is the 2016 Rams is about to be exposed. In this episode, the problems hadn't fully manifested themselves for all to see.

Things are about to get real/fun as the tailspin begins starting with Episode 4. As far as this Episode 3 goes, just a few observations…

-- Of course, it wouldn't be an inside look at the Rams without video from the positional meetings during game week. Which means we get to see more Rams' coaches dropping F-bombs to try to convey every simplistic point they have.

Again, I don't mean to keep harping on this language thing, and I'm not a prude – but I'm already sick of it. I watch Case Keenum shake off bad plays, muttering frustrations while containing his mouth…while 30-50+ year-old men in charge of the organization (coaches) constantly talk like a bunch of 13-year-old wannabe gangsters. No wonder the Rams never lived up to their potential under this regime.

This also made me think -- why do the Amazon documentarians keep playing clips of the coaches swearing all the time. Did they not have any other clips to use? Did they somehow think this is cool and relatable in some way? To me, it shows an incredible lack of class, leadership, and general IQ. However, all this documentary does is show coaches running around swearing in between their ridiculous clichés.

My wife is right – I wonder why the NFL would let this get broadcast? All the NFL does is make media outlets dance to their tune and threaten whatever they can to make ESPN and their own NFL network just a puppet television and radio product...yet, Amazon is showing the emperor has no clothes and the NFL obviously gave it a thumbs up. Or the NFL's just too stupid. I could go either way.

-- I made a quick note every time Jeff Fisher spoke in this episode – and everything he said made absolutely no sense. It had no meaning – it was like listening to a politician talk. A lot of words signifying nothing. I don’t mean a smart politician talking in circles…I mean one you see coming from a mile away/spot in an instant – except if you're a billionaire owner, apparently.

I'm not shocked by Fisher's lack of mental depth because we've seen it for three episodes now. Why I mentioned it here, again – I watched a couple minute video on new Rams' head coach Sean McVay today…behind the scenes coaching the Rams this year. McVay is nothing but controlled class…and when he speaks he is usually saying something of value. I can see the players actually listening. I can understand what he's saying. I've walked away impressed every time McVay speaks a sentence. Conversely, there's never been a time where I've heard Jeff Fisher speak in this documentary or in any other time where I was every inspired or thought any of it showed any true leadership. Jeff Fisher is as full of shit as anyone could be, and he's obviously good at it on a certain level because he's conned at least two NFL franchises so far. It won't be long before he has a cushy job working for the NFL headquarters in some capacity…extending his con job.

If I'm a Rams fan, I am totally jazzed by the potential that the youngest head coach in the NFL, Sean McVay, has more maturity in five seconds then his elder statesman predecessors have in their entire careers. I wish they would do this documentary with Sean McVay as head coach – then I feel I could be learning something instead of writing a bunch of jokes and criticisms about Jeff Fisher. It's too easy of a target.

-- The first game up in this episode was the Rams going to Arizona and winning. I vaguely remembered this game. What I did not know, until I watch this episode, was that the Rams' coaches noticed on tape how lazy Arizona was on defense in getting lined up – so they installed a quick count offense to take advantage.

Last year, heading into the Amazon documentary of the Arizona Cardinals, I thought Bruce Arians was a great coach. Then I watched him behind the scenes and realized he's just a different version of Jeff Fisher. A better version, but empty and filled with flaws nonetheless. In this game, Arians got outcoached by Fisher in a critical home game for Arizona. How does that happen? Another dagger in anyone's theory that Bruce Arians is a great head coach.

-- In the second game featured in this episode, the Rams lost to the Bills. They were down by four points late, with five minutes left and stuck on their own side of the field on another stalled drive – so Jeff Fisher pulled out the fake punt he had been working all week.

On the fake, it looked as if Buffalo's coaching staff had traveled to the future and watched this documentary and then went back in time with the full knowledge that this fake punt was coming…because when the Rams ran the play, I think the entire city of Buffalo made the tackle. It was either the worst designed fake play in the history or someone tipped the Bills off…or Jeff Fisher is just a transparent.

-- An odd, throwaway note that I wrote down… At one point in the Buffalo preparation week, the camera showed an offense of meeting where the offensive coordinator was playing a game of trivia with the players to see if they were up to their studies of the Bills.

They started the contest with some funny questions, before turning two more serious detailed questions. Todd Gurley answered an initial silly, easy question. The offensive coordinator, I assume as part of their routine, then told Gurley it was his turn to pick who got the next question. With a room full of offensive players, Gurley threw it over to Jared Goff. I don't know if that was hazing him as a rookie in some way, or if it was a hidden show of respect.

Goff answered the three-part question in about a millisecond after the coordinator finished asking it – a question about the three Buffalo defenders they most need to worry about.

I want more Jared Goff. I'm stalking him in these episodes; watching his every move. He looks bored, awaiting his time to take over. He has about the same poker face on as he's going to have in a few weeks when Jeff Fisher comes in with a self-absorbed announcement and speech about him no longer being the coach.

Next Episode – The complacent 3-2 Rams lose two more in a row and the fractures start showing. We start moving closer to the beginning of the Goff era and the end of the Fisher era.


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