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REWIND 2018: Rams 'All or Nothing' on Amazon/2017…Episode 4/8 Review

May 8, 2018 8:35 PM
May 12, 2018 9:30 AM

We’re getting ready for the watching/review of the 2018 Amazon ‘All or Nothing’ Dallas Cowboys documentary. Episode #1 review of the Dallas version is planned to be published May 17. Until we get there, please to enjoy my groundbreaking study of the 2017 Rams’ doc…groundbreaking by me as that show is where we built Rams’ fantasy theories that crushed it and cashed in on them over and over in our handicapping…as it took about 10+ weeks into the 2017 season for the public and Vegas to get figure out/on board. What will I discover with the Dallas series? We’ll find out soon. Until then…

Rams 'All or Nothing' on Amazon…Episode 4/8 Review

In this week's episode (#4) the Rams world begins to fall apart. They ended the last episode losing to Buffalo but were still a very comforting 3-2 overall. This week they are going to lose late to Detroit in Week 6, and then blow it at the end against the Giants in a Week 7 loss in London.

Let me start with my main note from this episode…

I've watched four episodes of this year's show now. You cannot convince me that defensive coordinator Gregg Williams does not have a mental disorder. I'm not saying that for 'the joke' effect.

Not only does he swear four out of every five words he speaks – he screams most every one of his words violently – like a drunken, mad-at-the-world older dad. If this guy existed in your workplace he would be fired in a millisecond. In the NFL, it's expected, laughed at, beloved…and the guy is never out of work for more than five seconds.

Anyone who reads my takes on this Rams' documentary and whips to the conclusion that I'm the problem…that I'm too soft…that I don't 'get' how football works and that football comes with screaming -- you're missing the point. If you watch Bill Belichick at work, he barely raises his voice. There are times when he gets a little more animated – and then you know he serious. I'm not saying football doesn't have military basic training type aspects. I'm not saying it's not a violent game and that the discourse is sometimes a little course. It is a dog-eat-dog profession. However…

I'm talking about a human adult (Gregg Williams) who cannot communicate anything without screaming clichés laced with F-words. You see these pathetic people in all walks of life – someone gave them a position of authority, whether defensive coordinator of a gigantic business called the football team or they are a little league coach or manager of some branch location for a corporation. These people crave power given by title/situation. They have no close friends. If people were not forced to enter a room and listen to them speak – no one would be near them listening to anything they say. It's a bully pulpit, literally. If it were unique to Williams and it worked swimmingly for great, consistent results, you could argue 'it's just the way business is done'. However, Gregg Williams is putting up too many mediocre-to-awful defensive performances with his teams since his D-C debut season with the Saints – a Super Bowl season. This Rams defense should've been one of the three best defenses in the league with the talent they have – yet, they constantly underperformed. Why is Gregg Williams not blasted out of the league? In fact, he's now the defensive coordinator for the young Cleveland Browns. All that talent in Cleveland is now going to be ruined by a virtual psychopath.

Every armchair football analyst, like me, can have their little analytics formulas or tape scouting, etc., on football players – but one of the biggest elements, one of the biggest jigsaw puzzles to figure out is the impact of the awful coaching on these players/talents. No one in their right mind in any business structure would hire Gregg Williams after what they saw in New Orleans (suspended for a year, for bounty-gate, if you recall) and for sure after what they've seen in L.A. There are a million different coordinators teams could hire or promote. The Browns willingly chose Gregg Williams. It's pretty much the final nail in the Moneyball coffin – Moneyball is a good concept for scouting talent…ruined in Cleveland by the worst coaching hires anyone could ever make. They need to come up with Moneyball for finding head coaches.

I'm not going to take the time to look it up, but my gut feeling is more defensive players have been leaving the Rams than quality free agents wanting to join. Off the top of my head… Janoris Jenkins got out as quick as he could. Rodney McLeod gone. Nick Fairley a flop, but then goes to N.O. and revitalizes his career. Overrated Mark Barron – overpaid to stay.

Good F-ing luck with your new F-ing defensive coordinator, Cleveland! F. F. F. M-F.


Other notes from this episode...

-- One of the best video/show transitions, that was probably unintended the way I saw it, in this episode was a very normal moment when the Rams tight end coach was calmly talking to his group in a normal human voice about some situation or bounce back from a problem – whatever it was he was personable, the players were energized and paying attention. Instant hard cut to Gregg Williams talking about the same thing in a defensive meeting – only with him giving a complete profanity-laced diatribe about some kind of nonsense that made no sense. Players stared blankly ahead. Players looked like hostages at the mercy of a madman. It's sickening. How can anyone watch this and want Gregg Williams in their life?

Every time Williams opens his mouth and addresses his troops it's a total disaster. It would make a professional football player not want to be in the league anymore. But, for the love of the game, and a communistic system that holds them to their draft team in many cases -- they have to put up with it.

-- The offensive coordinator who looks like he is 20 miles in over his head is trying to emulate Gregg Williams and Jeff Fisher, but he's just learning so only 30-50% of his communications are profanity laced. You can tell he has a bit of a sweet nature but trying to act tough like the other coaches so he has to remember to throw in some profanities.

Here's how awful the offensive coordinator, who I'm not even going to take the time to write down his or learn his name because he'll never be heard from again, is...

At one point they cut to him addressing the offense in a closed-door session. He is actually pontificating what he thinks is a brilliant concept – "There is no time clock on a path to greatness." It's like the worst motivational saying poster from the 1990s…you know the ones with the black border and inspirational sayings that bad bosses used to put up in their offices to let you know how smart and boss-like they are?

This minute or so moment may be the most glaring example of why NFL coaches are such a total disaster and why I constantly rail on them. This offensive coordinator thinks this statement so clever, and he's trying to explain the obvious to other grown men all staring ahead with dead eyes of disbelief. Here's the thing, while the O-C is spewing this nonsense -- he has the "There is no time clock on a path to greatness" statement up on a big screen via a cheesy PowerPoint slide…with a stock photo of a time clock (as if NFL players ever dealt with a time clock in their lives…what is this the 1970's? These guys don’t work in a steel mill in the offseason) – but wait for it!! The stock photo time clock picture has a circle with a slash through it superimposed. Wow…powerful!!

When I was working in the corporate world, if I saw a manager give the same talk as this offensive coordinator did with this silly PowerPoint – I would make a mental note never to want to work with them and/or promote them. If they were my direct report, I would be looking to replace them. I could not believe what I was seeing. However, through four episodes I've said, "I cannot believe what I'm seeing" about 15–100 times…and I'm only halfway through the documentary.

-- Towards the end of this episode there is a moment where Jeff Fisher is addressing is now three-losses-in-a-row team. Of course, every other word is the F-word (that goes without saying). Bonus point, at least, because Fisher is not screaming it like I deranged lunatic a la Gregg WilliamsJeff Fisher just says it every other word because of the lack of intelligence. Williams does it to bully and intimidate. Fisher does it because he's an idiot.

I know he's an idiot because he's addressing his three-loss team wearing cargo shorts and flip-flops. If you're heading from the team gym to the team shower area – I could see you wearing flip-flops in front of the team as a head coach. However, if you're getting ready to address your entire staff and players during a moment of crisis you cannot be wearing cargo shorts and flip-flops to deliver said inspirational message of F-bombs. Everyone else can, but you cannot. Anyone with half a management mind would know this. But we already know Jeff Fisher doesn't have a leaders mind. He's a self-serving, self-entitled guy people keep shoving millions of dollars a year so he thinks he actually knows something.

So far, through four episodes, all I can tell that these coaches know is how to swear and trying to con the world by working 20 hours a day to keep their lottery ticket paycheck. I have no earthly idea what these guys do for 20 hours a day – whatever it isn't working. It's just to con people.

If you paid me a million dollars a year to be at a gorgeous NFL team's facility 100 hours per week and provided me a free gym, free food, sweet computers, and TVs – I'd stay there with bells on. It's like a white collar prison. Media and fans think all these long hours are badges of honor for 'their' coach or favorite QB. News flash: Everyone in the NFL comes into the office at 5 am, apparently…and the longer hours do not mean better results (except in New England). And Jeff Fisher's staff is the absolute proof of the folly of the 20+ hour work day notion. These teams need to hire Tim Ferriss to straighten out their work weeks.

Coming up in the next episode – the losing streak continues and we inch closer to the disastrous Jared Goff debut.


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