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REWIND – A Look Back At Our Top 25 Most Undervalued Fantasy Assets 2018 Preseason (#25-26 Julian Edelman/suspended and Quincy Enunwa)

June 17, 2019 5:35 PM
June 17, 2019 7:05 PM

REWIND – A Look Back At Our Top 25 Most Undervalued Fantasy Assets 2018 Preseason (#25-26 Julian Edelman/suspended and Quincy Enunwa)

For the next two weeks, I am going to show and discuss two players per day from last year’s FFM Draft Guide report on ‘The Most Undervalued Players’ (for the then upcoming 2018 season). We’re looking back at the information from last year’s draft guide to see how it worked out and what we can learn for this season (if anything).

In general, if you were with us last year, it should’ve been a pretty good run. 2018 was the best in-season records and highest seasonal points scored in the near decade of draft guides and strategy reports in the summer/preseasons for subscribers. A lot of it due to the players we offered as undervalued because we not only talked about it – but we put a redraft/best ball (and dynasty) strategy built around grabbing these guys before others were even thinking about it. Some of you were mocked for who you took and when you took them – and then you started setting scoring records and shut them up (well, they never shut up…let that be a lesson to never worry about what the mainstream people are doing – we ‘play’ them like fiddles why they mock our moves, but who’s always one-step ahead in drafts, waivers, and trades?).

I’m going to republish two players per day starting with #27-28 on the list and go for 14 days to the end of June 2019. We’ll see if the concepts were smart or dumb…and what the lesson might be a year later. Our undervalued report is looking for lower cost, great ROI opportunities – not all will pan out but enough of them will…and some of them were ‘liked’ players by many but we considered undervalued because we projected them cornerstone players trading as ‘might be good’ for the masses in summer 2018.

It’s a review and learning series and also a pitch to show what info/intel you new folks to FFM in 2019 missed last season. We do it differently here…it will likely freak you out at first, make you say, “No one else is saying that…it can’t be right,” but that’s just your long-term fantasy-brainwashing talking. I know, I used to be captive as well.

Come walk the road less traveled with us…

The reason we were starting to hedge on Julian Edelman being undervalued this time last year, was because he had received a 4-game suspension but there was some hope/rumors that there was bad testing and that he might be cleared. His ADP had fallen quite a bit because of the announced suspension. Soon after he made the undervalued list, his suspension was upheld and that sunk some of how undervalued he was in the summer…but he was still a touch undervalued all preseason, in some drafts/leagues with the suspension hanging over him.

Quincy Enunwa? One of my favorite players in all of football…one of the 10 most lethal, unique weapons in the league – and criminally underutilized. In 2018, Enunwa started out hot Weeks 1-4: 5.3 catches (9.0 targets), 69.5 yards, and 0.3 TDs per game. He was Sam Darnold’s go-to, usually on innovative screens (befitting Darnold’s arm). Week 5, Denver figured this out and overplayed him…and Enunwa went 0 catches on 5 targets. The following week he got nicked up, missed a few weeks, came back with a hand injury he tried to play through and it just fell to crap.

It worked for a few weeks with Enunwa, but injury and bad offensive planning in general (and weak Darnold) let it slip away from being a great call all season.

Can Adam Gase make this work in 2019? I’m skeptical, but he may be back on the undervalued list this year because everyone has so given up. He is still the Jets’ #1 WR, not Robby Anderson…so that’s not-nothing.


From our Undervalued Report last summer:

25) WR Julian Edelman, New England

If there were no suspension to consider, where do you rank Edelman among WRs in PPR? He’s likely to push for the league lead in receptions with/if 16 healthy games with Tom Brady…which kinda makes him a WR2 without blinking on catches per game alone. Add in decent yardage tallies and a few TDs and he’s an argument for a fringe WR1 in PPR, only he trades as a fringe/back end WR2 and more and more with WR3 ADPs given the current suspension.

He’s almost a bargain today in PPR considering the suspension factored in. Now, what if the suspension is lifted completely or reduced to two games? You have a top guy PPR WR trading way off his potential/likelihood. His PED suspension seems a little shaky on how the NFL handled it and why they even suspended him. I think he gets the deal reduced to two games or just waived. If so, instant value creation.

26) WR Quincy Enunwa, NYJ

So, this time last year, Quincy Enunwa was primed to be the Jets #1 WR and was a top 50-75 name overall in redrafts. Then, he got hit with a neck injury and his season was taken away. A year later, we have the same talented WR with the same coaching staff and QB…why severely punish Enunwa for missing a year? We won’t do it with David Johnson, and people are forgiving Cameron Meredith pretty quickly…and Julian Edelman. The moment Andrew Luck is caught on camera tossing his keys to a ball boy he’s going to rocket up to QB1. But, somehow, Enunwa doesn’t get the same free pass on his injury.

I get that it’s his neck and that’s sensitive…but shoulders for QBs and knees for WRs are somehow reduced to no big deal while Enunwa is treated like he has the plaque. Enunwa’s injury doesn’t affect his athleticism one bit, it’s the fear of re-injury that’s got people worried. If Enunwa is cleared, as all signs point to, and he doesn’t re-injure himself…he’s the Jets #1 WR. People don’t like the Jets in general and they don’t fully know/trust Enunwa, so he trades at a severe discount right now.

When healthy, I believe Enunwa is one of the most unique weapons at WR in the NFL. Moves like a high-end, athletic, speedy WR but plays with the toughness of a tight end and runs in the open field like a power RB. Nothing but upside here, and he trades as ‘undrafted’ in ADP in most 15/16-round redrafts this summer. Big mistake. He’s better than Robby Anderson or Terrelle Pryor – he is the leader of that WR group. Josh McCown has verbalized that as well.

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