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REWIND – A Look Back At Our Top 25 Most Undervalued Fantasy Assets 2018 Preseason (#27-28 Curtis Samuel and Albert Wilson)

June 16, 2019 12:43 PM
June 16, 2019 3:47 PM

REWIND – A Look Back At Our Top 25 Most Undervalued Fantasy Assets 2018 Preseason (#27-28 Curtis Samuel and Albert Wilson)

For the next two weeks, I am going to show and discuss two players per day from last year’s FFM Draft Guide report on ‘The Most Undervalued Players’ (for the then 2018 season). We’re looking back at the information from last year’s draft guide to see how it worked out and what we can learn for this season (if anything).

In general, if you were with us last year, it should’ve been a pretty good run. 2018 was the best in-season records and highest seasonal points scored in the near decade of draft guides and strategy reports in the summer/preseasons for subscribers. A lot of it due to the players we offered as undervalued because we not only talked about it – but we put a redraft/best ball (and dynasty) strategy built around grabbing these guys before others were even thinking about it. Some of you were mocked for who you took and when you took them – and then you started setting scoring records and shut them up (well, they never shut up…let that be a lesson to never worry about what the mainstream people are doing – we ‘play’ them like fiddles why they mock our moves, but who’s always one-step ahead in drafts, waivers, and trades?).

I’m going to republish two players per day starting with #27-28 on the list and go for 14 days to the end of June 2019. We’ll see if the concepts were smart or dumb…and what the lesson might be a year later. Our undervalued report is looking for lower cost, great ROI opportunities – not all will pan out but enough of them will…and some of them were ‘liked’ players by many but we considered undervalued because we projected them cornerstone players trading as ‘might be good’ for the masses in summer 2018.

It’s a review and learning series and also a pitch to show what info/intel you new folks to FFM in 2019 missed last season. We do it differently here…it will likely freak you out at first, make you say, “No one else is saying that…it can’t be right,” but that’s just your long-term fantasy-brainwashing talking. I know, I used to be captive as well.

Come walk the road less traveled with us…

Curtis Samuel and Albert Wilson were two WRs that I felt were their team’s best/most talented WRs in the preseason 2018, and that drove part of my theory on them for the 2018 fantasy planning (as everyone else went with Devin Funchess and DeVante Parker…I tried to warn you…). However, I only ‘liked’ Wilson as a talent (just loved his situation), but I thought Samuel was a real superstar in-waiting.

Well, it took a few weeks into the regular season, but eventually Albert Wilson became the Dolphins top WR for fantasy…a legit every week starter, and as quickly as it happened…it was gone. He got hurt and was done. Still, I feel vindicated here. He got to the #1 WR spot for Miami…injury took away the fantasy benefits.

Curtis Samuel? Well, that took about half the season before Norv Turner woke up some and started to give Samuel more opportunity because of all the highlight reel plays he was making as a backup/afterthought. By season’s end, Samuel was the Panthers’ #1 WR…not D.J. Moore. That’s how I roll…I see the future more times than not, in the preseason.

My preseason vision didn’t matter with Wilson, because we all gave up on him the first 2-3 weeks of 20918 season (me too) because he wasn’t playing much. Then he broke out and we were chasing him off waivers in redraft.

Samuel…we sat back and waited and pounced weeks ahead of the mainstream (or anyone) was waking up to him mid-2018 campaign -- and it paid some dividends late 2018. Not great, all season fantasy ROI, but better than anyone expected down the stretch.

For 2019? Wilson is still the best WR on the Miami roster, but a different coaching staff is in and that means confusion and a guy we cannot bet on as confidently. Still, he’s running undervalued this summer. Samuel…he’s in prime position to carryover as the lead/best WR on the Panthers – and still the mainstream chases D.J. Moore.

Here was our undervalued report commentary back in the summer of 2018…

27) WR Curtis Samuel, Carolina

*FFM Rank in PPR: #20-25 range among WRs in June 2018…ADP range: #80+ among all WRs*

Late breaking under value…a deep sleeper, a guy who could be the #1 fantasy scorer at WR for Carolina this year. He’s been the best-looking WR by far for the Panthers this preseason…way better, more effective than D.J. Moore. Samuel will work as a #3 but I think forces his way into similar targeting as Devin Funchess and into a quasi-#2 role.

Don’t forget, Samuel was a true RB/WR hybrid in college – a legit tailback and a legit NFL starting WR. He was just starting to break out last season when he got hurt in-game in the 2nd-half of the season and was put on I.R. He’s back with a bulked-up physique and looks great and is moving around like lightning. Maybe the most impressive young WR I’ve seen, as far as growth from rookie to 2nd-season, in all the NFL preseason.

He’s available for nothing, basically, in fantasy. He could be a shocker this season. Man, does he look good this preseason.

28) WR Albert Wilson, Miami

*FFM Rank in PPR: #20-25 range among WRs in June 2018…ADP range: #80+ among all WRs*

7/30 UPDATE: Crashing and burning. I think this Wilson story will materialize at some point this season, but to start the campaign Wilson is inexplicably running 2nd-team. Until that changes, we can’t get interested here.


Original Comments: This is the strangest undervalue, and perhaps the single biggest gap of the year. How a guy brought in/paid heavily to be a key starting WR on team lacking WRs is almost nonexistent in early redrafts is beyond me. It’s not out of the realm to say Wilson is the Jarvis Landry replacement…a WR who was Ryan Tannehill’s security blanket. It’s not going to be DeVante Parker, because Parker stinks and plays a totally different role.

Wilson will have a unique role in this offense and is better at the position than anyone else on the Miami WR depth chart…he’s a team’s #1 WR and trades like he’s nothing in summer of 2018. The media will catch onto this, after the article I wrote in May 2018 on Fantasy Pros (Very Deep Sleepers), but they still won’t take it far enough because they LOVE DeVante Parker.


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