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The 2021 Draft Guide Version 1.0 Drop Will Happen Today/Sunday June 6th (and news on upcoming FFM/CFM, Julio, two Audience Participation requests, Ross Jacobs, and more)

June 6, 2021 3:36 PM
June 6, 2021 4:04 PM

The 2021 Draft Guide Version 1.0 Drop Will Happen Today/Sunday June 6th (and news on upcoming FFM/CFM events, two Audience Participation requests, and more)


 -- The plan is for Draft Guide 1.0 to drop into the cheat sheets and commentary, etc., later in the day (ET) or so on Sunday (we will send an App alert and post when it’s dropped in).

There will be like 300-400 player commentaries dropped in the 1.0 release -- and we’ll be adding batches more commentary each week with our weekly value and various updates (every Friday, for the weekend drafters) throughout the offseason.

You can sort the commentary (or cheat sheets) by team, by position/s, by whatever way you want…and you can download to your own Excel or PDF, etc., if you like those views/functions better.

***The Sunday trade (of course it's Sunday as we're all but done the guide set up 1.0) of Julio Jones only pushes the release time back later. I am going to late adjust things on the fly for the Julio trade.***


 -- It’s taken me a week longer than usual to finish writing and editing the script for all the commentaries and doing the normal draft guide set up – it was a tough month of May 2021 with the abrupt/shocking death in the family event (mother-in-law) we went through. A lot of long nights and early mornings later, the 2021 draft guide foundation is complete.

So, next week I should be able to start working on more football pieces – catching you up on the rumors I’m hearing and random thoughts…like our normal FFM summers. Normal is about to happen…I can see normal in the distance, trying to pedal as fast as I can towards it.


 -- Sometime within 6/7 week, not sure which day yet, our annual Faux (Computer Simulated) season series will begin to publish daily (more detail coming when we launch, for those who are new). Me and Xavier Cromartie’s annual preseason win-loss projections and playoff/Super Bowl predictions…only we’ve got a few new twists/additions this year. You’ll see the new things on Faux when the series runs this upcoming week.


 -- Speaking of rumors and football noise of the summer…as always, feel free to send me and email on any rumors you’re hearing of interest, or any under-the-radar articles and general chatter (reddit, twitter, etc.) of things you think are worth exploring/noting.

Most of my best tips are from the FFM audience…many of whom are in positions to know things, friends or a family member of someone, or related to the team or an agent in some way. Your secret is safe with me – I never divulge the source. I’ve been doing this for 10+ years now and have never ratted anyone out.

I was ahead of the Tyreek Hill story/drama that one year where everyone thought he was going to be booted from the NFL for child abuse – I had info to the contrary of the whole story…I remember how many people that stopped from selling off Tyreek, and how many of you bought him low during that. Just one/my prized example – and I had two FFM-audience sources nice enough to guide me through that and it was the biggest thing of that year and we all played it brilliantly because of inside sources.

Anything of football interest, feel free to bring it on and we’ll see what we need to do with it! I live for it!


 -- We’re starting to put the list of Devy/2022 NFL Draft prospects together for our Devy Scouting Summer Series on CFM.

We obviously can figure out the top 3-5 names at every position…hell, every mainstream 2022 NFL Draft list is about the same because they have no independent thought. We know the obvious names you’ll want to know about, and we have some off-the-beaten path names we’re considering.

But I am opening the door to any of you College Football fans to supply us with potential names to study…whether you’re a scout, passionate CFB fan and/or Devy name collector, or just a super fan of a CFB team/conference and there’s a player not getting any recognition that you think could be something hot for the NFL (especially on offense, not O-Line).

*Email me at rc4metrics at gmail.com (displaying my email that way so bots won’t grab it and spam it)


 -- Because I got behind all year (the lack of an NFL Combine, and the distrust of Pro Days for some – all made scouting more complex/time consuming and my family funeral event right after the Draft), my new head coaching hire studies kept getting pushed off. Now that the base of the Draft Guide is ready, I will have time to complete those studies.

Next up is Brandon Staley, of which I’m 75% done with already…so, he’ll be out in the next week approx. And then I think Nick Sirianni will be next up after that.


 -- The rise of the name ‘Ross Jacobs’…

You may have noticed more content on FFM by one Mr. Ross Jacobs. He’s been a long-time friend of FFM -- and born out of that we got to know each other over the years as we’ve discussed football and life matters all year ‘round. This year, we discussed him turning his love and dedication to football scouting to find a place in the football and/or fantasy industry and helping the FFM cause.

Ross is looking to gain more experience in all the facets of the industry – shaping his writing presentation, making football projections, handicapping, and learning even more about scouting (he’s already experienced here). He has generously offered more of his FREE time to help FFM and me while learning more about the football trade/craft and working out his writing skills and voice. I gladly accepted.

I’ve known Ross as a football mind for a while now, and I trust his scouting vision…and I rarely trust anyone else’s vision. He has a good eye for scouting with a deep history of football knowledge of the NFL Draft/prospect evaluations/pro game tape. He helps me sharpen my scouting and re-think some things because he and I can discuss football things (prospects, schedules, past seasonal things, depth charts) and he knows all the names and events with high recall. He’s put in a lot of football work/study/observation over the years for the love of it and the fantasy aspect of it – and I am happy and grateful to have him on the team to further our reach/content.

There’s simply so much football all the time, it’s hard for me to get to everything I want – even though I spend 60-80+ hours a week on it throughout the year…there’s still always more to do, more rocks to look under, more debates to consider. Ross is going to be an excellent set of football eyes and ears for FFM/CFM and will be a great content creator/football scouting mind as we go as well.

So, you will see (and have seen) scouting reports by Ross Jacobs on CFM recently…and you will soon see he wrote a few player commentaries for the draft guide (and his name is noted on each one)…and we are looking at working on some co-author debate pieces and co-scout exploration pieces coming up this summer. Just to name a few ideas we’re kicking around.

Just know – I am reading all of Ross’s content, commenting and critiquing it and sometimes sending him back to a rewrite (for clarity or extra info sake). What material and thoughts/scouting/predictions he puts together for FFM/CFM is under my review, and if I have a different take or additional twist – then I am not having his take changed/altered to fit mine…but if I have something to add to it I will be (and have been) adding my comments to his report/article/commentary.

I just wanted to let you know when you see his name popping up more and more – he’s part of the FFM/CFM team now. I am reviewing and mentoring his work, but I want him to present his own vision, use/develop his own voice…and, again, if I have a different vision of a player or situation, I will note it within his commentary. This new relationship will keep evolving as Ross (and I) keep evolving it – all to make each other better scouts and writers/commentators.

At the end of the day – we both love the tape/data scouting and the quest of trying to use superior scouting to be the best at predicting future football events. It’s a labor of love that I know you will enjoy his vision on…and will enjoy when we have disagreements on football things (like he’s questioning my Justin Herbert love! How dare he! But actually, he has made me stop and re-look at some of my thesis on it).

We’re trying to make each other better at football, producing more content, challenging the mainstream ideology, having fun, and hoping we all (us and the audience) make money (or joy, but mostly money) in Fantasy winnings and/or handicapping/prop betting from it. 

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