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The Best and Worst of Amazon’s “All or Nothing” Carolina Panthers (Episode #8/8 FINAL)

August 7, 2019 8:23 PM
August 10, 2019 2:40 PM

The Best and Worst of Amazon’s “All or Nothing” Carolina Panthers (Episode #8/8 FINAL)


Well, now it’s Amazon’s turn to show us what they got. The past week or so, we looked at the BEST and WORST of HBOs’ Hard Knocks (2018 Cleveland). We have the 2018 (season) Carolina ‘All or Nothing’ (2019 release) to review – eight episodes. I’ll watch and review each episode over the next week or so.

Typically, I like the Amazon production better than the HBO…but I like them both. A look behind the scenes that I still cannot believe the NFL allows to happen because it exposes how silly these people (coaches and GMs) look in real life/real time. And I’ve watched/reviewed them all…and they’re all the same nonsense management – except Sean McVay…you could tell right away he was different.

Let’s see what we have with the BEST and WORST of Amazon’s Carolina Panthers’ 2018 season!


In the last episode, the Panthers coaches really fired up the troops behind-the-scenes in order to stop their three-game losing skid…and then we saw the Panthers lose three more games to run their losing streak to six. It’s about to go to seven before a merciful Week 17 win against not-trying New Orleans.

This is the final episode of the Carolina 2018 swirl down the drain, let’s see how Amazon chooses to end it with the BEST and WORST of the Amazon ‘All or Nothing’ episode #8 on the Carolina Panthers.


WORST: The end…

This was a kind of boring end to the series, which really wasn’t that electric overall anyway. Of all the Amazon documentaries, this was probably the least interesting to my eye/mind as a viewer.

I enjoyed getting to know some of the key people some more. I learned a good amount on Ron Rivera and Cam Newton, but (and maybe to everyone’s credit on Carolina) there was not much to sink your teeth into on everyone else. And what Amazon chose to show was a little dull. Maybe they didn’t have much to work with.

Too much Greg Olsen is what I also remember. For me, he was annoying from episode one right to #8…including the minute or so they showed him coaching his kids in flag football. He’s the person at your workplace that is a longtime employee, well thought of by the higher ups, but no one really likes to be around or listen to yap…but they have to. ESPN tried to get him for MNF, and that would have been a full-scale Jason Witten disaster.

The player of 2018 season for the Panthers was Christian McCaffrey…and yet we barely saw anything on him, and I’m not sure he spoke during the series. It may just be he passed on being a spectacle, which is smart/what you want in a football player/teammate vs. constantly barking chihuahua Greg Olsen.


WORST: Ryan Kalil retires…PSYCH!!

We saw some tender moments as long-time Panther star/anchor player Center Ryan Kalil had already announced his retirement and we saw snippets of his final moments with the team.

It would have been more impactful had we not known he came out of retirement to play for the Jets a few days ago in real-time 2019. What happened to the ‘family’ and ‘the Panther’s Way’?

You (average joe fan) care WAAAYYY more about that family/loyalty stuff than the players or coaches. It’s a league set up for non-loyalty, but yet all we see is coaches barking about ‘family’ and ‘unity’ all the time in order to rally the players.

Hardcore fans of a particular team are more loyal to their football teams than their spouses/partners/kids…and, the comic tragedy of that is, the football team doesn’t love you back/care about you at all and the players or coaches will leave your ass for the enemy team for an extra dollar per year when they can. Your family, usually, sticks by you in the war of life and we discount them. Your team constantly has player leaving you, and you could not love the team anyways. You just love the new guy who slipped on your team’s jersey and life goes blissfully on. If family members and partners treated you like players/coaches/GMs, owners do in the NFL, you’d have a horrific life.

Enjoy the NFL product for all it’s worth but stop with the ‘we’ talk and painting your faces to show your fandom. It doesn’t love you anywhere near the way you love it.

If I were an NFL head coach, I’d stop all that talk and call us ‘a business’/entrepreneurs – with our goal to make every one of us multi-millionaires…and may the best players win the job and get playing time (not where you went to school or who your agent is or what number pick you were). Let’s win so we can get rich together! No one is buying that family stuff, so why keep peddling it?

But we get the sappy Kalil retirement (not retirement). We see the sad, long-time Panther Thomas Davis get released. All shown to us with sad music in the background. I feel worse for an ignored UDFA who never got a chance but deserved one more than I do 10+ year vets who are multi-millionaires who now go to another team and collect more money or get to retire young and comfortably for the next 30-40+ years.


BEST: Cam’s Cigar Lounge

Late in the final episode, they cut to Cam at his own private club/cigar lounge. He’s dressed in a bright pink suit and wearing some fashionable hat only he can wear properly…and I’m thinking, good for Cam. He’s living the way he wants.

People get mad at that. I used to too…when I was brainwashed by the football media/fans. Fans want the illusion that the franchise QB is coming into work at 3am every day, even in the offseason and leaving work at midnight. And all they do for 21-hour workdays is physical training and tape watching. Cam rolls out of bed with no warm up or study and is better than 25+ other QBs in the NFL. He has a gift that cannot be taught or replicated.

No one is Tom Brady, but Cam has been league MVP and took the team to a Super Bowl and is a Hall of Famer. We (I) want to persecute him for not being Brady…but you could persecute every QB for that.

Nick Foles has grinded and works very hard and is an excellent leader and won a Super Bowl, and people still think he sucks. What standards are we using to judge success?

You cannot win over/please overzealous fanboys, ever. Never satisfied. It’s why some of you ruin your great fantasy team – you have this great dynasty roster for 2019 in place, but you worry that you’re not prepped for 2022…that Adam Thielen is too old and has to go RIGHT NOW…he’s not too old today but because he’ll be really old in 2022, and we convince ourselves we need to sell now before that happens. Or in redraft you’re looking at playoff FF-strength of schedules in Week 3 and worrying that you’re not ready for the playoffs…10 weeks from now. Calm down. Enjoy what you have…don’t sell it just to solve made up problems in 2022. Enjoy your NFL team if the head coach is solid/not crazy and the owner is providing (spending) an environment to win/compete in. Unless you’re a New England fan, your team is not likely winning the Super Bowl, so just enjoy the ride.

Don’t hate Cam because he hasn’t won six Super Bowls. And don’t hate him but love and respect Philip Rivers, who has had a lesser career but somehow is thought more of than Cam (as is Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz, Andrew Luck among others). How is Cam so awful compared to them? What have they done better than Cam?


BEST: The Future…

If I am a Carolina Panthers fan (part of the Panthers’ family, you are!), and I watched this series, I would be happy for the future.

Yeah, it ends on a down note…the losing streak. The season that started out so promising but ended so horribly. Cam now having two shoulder surgeries in the span of three years. Ryan Kalil leaving for good, I mean a year…to go to another team for lots of money. With all that negativity -- you have to be really happy with your new owner.

David Tepper is a really nice guy and is all in on football and has deep pockets and inside those pockets are a billion+ dollars at his disposal.

The Panthers had a crappy practice field and were not keeping up with the times. We see this episode end with Tepper going over the plans for the new everything to make the Panthers’ facilities like what Jerry Jones, etc. is doing. You have a committed, nice, smart, humble billionaire owner…that’s all you could ask for – is normal-human support from the top.

The Panthers will be fine, to be reckoned with annually for years to come – just not this year, what a brutal schedule I tell you!!!


Now on to real football in 2019!

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