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The Blake Bortles Countdown Clock To Out of the League Is Running…

September 8, 2017 1:07 AM
August 18, 2017 12:04 AM

Let us never forget — Blake Bortles was the unanimous top QB prospect, an unquestioned talent by NFL evaluators and every football analysts, and mainstream fantasy ‘expert’. He will be remembered as one of the worst top QBs of a generation. I don’t think he’ll finish this season as a starter. I suspect he’ll be benched and/or the Jags trade for a replacement by Week 8. The Jags are a playoff team if it were not for how bad Bortles is.

Also, note — Brandon Allen is the best QB on the roster. You watch.

You and I are not the only ones who think Bortles is awful…his teammates appear to have had enough as well…


Link: NY Post: Anger at Blake Bortles


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