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The FFM App for Apple and Android (Push Notifications!)...

August 17, 2018 10:02 PM
January 15, 2019 2:00 AM

Our new APP…

You may have seen a social media post about it already, but if you haven’t – the (free) Fantasy Football Metrics app is now released onto the public. Available in the App Stores for both Apple and Android.

The biggest thing we wanted to bring to the table with our own app was…article posting notifications.

Instead of spending all day refreshing your smartphone browsers or work computers set to our home page all day and night – we now have the ability to send a notification when an article or anything is posted via the app. No more (or less) almost getting fired in the middle of staff meetings trying to mess with your phone in your lap trying to look like you’re not.

Be sure to have the FFM app on your phone with the notifications set the way you want them. After I approve something for post on the website, about 2–3 minutes after a notification will be sent to those with the app (who have set for the notifications from us).


Tips about the app…

 -- Initially you will sign into the FFM app with whatever email + user name and password (or using Facebook, etc., options), and then you should never have to sign in again. It’s just a one-time deal. Use whatever sign in you want or use your FFM one for consistency…it doesn’t matter how you get past the entry gate at first.

 -- After that first sign-in, you can go to different areas of the app that are fairly self-explanatory.

However, if you want to see subscribed-to content, you’ll have to sign into FFM one time as well and then you’ll be able to see things you’re subscribed to. The free-view content is just that – free. All the preseason games analysis, etc., no other sign-in needed.

 -- Our notifications will usually be linked to the newly posted item, so you can click the notification and go right to it. You may have tried that and gotten a ‘no connection’ error the very first day/s – that’s on us still working out the notification process. It should be gold from here on in. It’s been an error by us the last two days – we’re new to some of it too.

 -- The ‘Chat’ area of the app is a placeholder for if we do a ‘Chat’ option where people can openly communicate with other FFMers. When we’re ready to work with that and do events there to get going, we will let everyone know.


Do me a YUGE favor…

 -- This app was a lot of work, and almost none of it by me. Bringing an app to life is like bringing a baby into the world – it’s hard work and expensive, and then all that doesn’t matter when you have a healthy, smiling baby to gawk at.

We wanted this app to be free as a thank you to our loyal customers. So many people have been wearing out their fingers and phone screens and mouses over the years by clicking ‘refresh’ a million times a day hoping for the manna from heaven/a new article to post…it’s humbling to hear how eager and persistent people are to consume my football rantings and ravings and scouting. I have writers who have/do bring me that same joy/passion for the next thing they write and have wanted to return the favor to an audience – the app and its article posted notification is my gift to you! We hope this app will be that and more over time.

I said birthing an app is like birthing a baby, and this really was like bringing my own kids into the world many years ago – I did little work and others did all the hard parts.

Franklin Trust Media was our app developer that went out of their way to learn our business/audience as best they could while trying to decipher all the things my team wanted to have with the app. They worked closely together with my people and catered to our every whim and worked with our website designer to make sure the app and website played nicely with each other. Thank you to Franklin Trust Media.

My partners at Total Football Advisors (TFA) did 90%+ of the house/app design and overseeing of the project. They are business partners and long-time users of the products – they understand what it’s like to be an FFM diehard customer and they desperately tried to prioritize how an FFM audience member would want to use the app. They made this a reality. Without them – this app never gets off the ground floor this decade. The time spent on bring this app from nothing to reality was time they did not have – they have other work/business concerns to deal with while trying to have a normal life, but they gave every spare waking hour they had without any pay (except all the money I help them win) for an app that would generate no revenue to pay for any of the real sweat-of-the-brow costs. Thank you to my TFA team, who pulled off a miracle considering how fast this went from an idea to reality.

A lot of hard work, a labor of love on a lot of behalves went into making this app a reality in time for the regular season. We’re still tweaking and upgrading, but our first goals are complete – a functioning, quality, simple/noncomplex app with a slick notification system.

I request a favor from those loyal FFMers over the years who are going to be getting/using the app, who also share directly in this achievement because of your years of loyalty that got us off the ground somehow years ago and kept us in the game when most fantasy sites have come and gone in that same span – I thank you and ask you loyalists two things…

1) Enjoy the free app you helped bring about. You are godparents to this app and I hope the notifications are a blessing and benefit for you. And that more benefits will come.

2) If you would consider being so kind as to go to your App Store and going to the ratings/review and clicking a star review (5-stars, I hope…and pray). You don’t have to write a review, but it would be sweet if you had a nice review of FFM to type…but, at minimum, take 10 seconds to find the rating spot back at the App Store for the FFM app and pop those (5) stars (did I mention five?). It means the world to the developer and to us to be in good standing with Apple and Android.

You know there will be one or two people out there that will leave a review like…’these guys said Sam Darnold was bad and we know that’s not true; they’re stupid poopy heads that know nothing about football’ from JetsForlife69. Help us defend against a bad grade or two from crushing the overall average by dropping us a little love. It would mean a lot to me and people who brought this app to life.

Please and Thank You,

RC Fischer 

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