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The Jason Katz Cowboys Super Bowl Season 2017 Tour...Week 3

September 26, 2017 11:08 AM
September 26, 2017 11:10 AM

You may know Jason Katz from his published football work on sites like FantasyPros. You may also know him as a member of our Handicapping Group. You may also know him, or will get to know him as a die-hard Dallas Cowboys' fan.

I asked Jason to follow the Cowboys for us all year...for fandom and fantasy. I did so, because he's convinced, like most fan(atic)s that thinking something good will happen will jinx it to not make it so. I have a different theory -- when I see a jinx potential, I pour it on to reverse the jinx. I see a jinx and yell 'this is a jinx' just to spit in the face of the jinx. The Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl this season, and I am not a biased fan...and the more I say it...the more it's likely to come true...and the more l say it...the more likely Jason loses sleep and hair follicles.

Jason is a talented young writer, so please enjoy him manically following the 'Boys...but also sharing fantasy ideas, as his blood runs FFM green and CFM crimson.

Follow more of Katz's work on Twitter: @jasonkatz13

Sean McVay really disappointed me in not going for it on 4th and goal from the 1 in the third quarter. Come on Sean!

Pierre Garcon’s sideline catch with about 9 minutes left in the third quarter is one of the most impressive catches I’ve ever seen.

Carlos Hyde getting four straight carries at the goal line was beautiful to see. Remember when idiot reporters thought there was more than a 0% chance he was getting cut? Yeah, about that. I’m thrilled to own Hyde in two leagues.

Kyle Shanahan kicks the extra point with 5:08 left in the game to make it an 8 point game. This is mathematically incorrect. An objectively bad coaching decision. It benefits your entire team to know exactly what you need to do. Does your team need one score or two? Apparently Shanahan would rather play with less information.

Nevertheless, Thursday night’s game was the most exciting game of the year. It was enjoyable to actually see touchdowns scored.


The next football game was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The Ravens just rolled over and played dead against the Jaguars. I’ve never had to play professional football overseas so I can’t possibly know the effect it has on players, but I imagine it impacted the Ravens a great deal more than the Jaguars, who have done this for a few years now. 

Apparently the Panthers punted from the Saints 36 yard line. That’s all I have to say about that. 

Marcus Cooper should be cut. Players make mistakes all the time. Coaches make mistakes all the time. 99% of the time, a mistake can be explained. Even if the explanation is a poor one, there is at least a reason for why someone did what they did. There is no conceivable reason for why Marcus Cooper decided that the two yard line was the end zone. He just stopped. Why is that necessary? Just stroll another two yards and then stop. I can only imagine what John Fox said to him in the locker room at halftime immediately following that play. Ultimately, the Bears did win the game, but that kind of mistake is the type of one where I guess NFL teams should be lucky I’m not coaching them because as soon as my team walked into the locker room at halftime, I would’ve pulled Cooper aside and told him to go home and not bother coming back. It is that indefensible. 

I really enjoyed the Giants losing in such heartbreaking fashion. That game had no business ending in regulation. Overtime was a lock. But the Giants have a knack for losing. This is somewhat new for them. But it’s deserved. Ben McAdoo decided against giving up play calling duties. Great job coach! You really did well running Paul Perkins nine times for 22 yards. Odell Beckham made two spectacular touchdown grabs and Sterling Shepard caught a slant and then ran really far. That was your team’s entire offense for the day. 24-24 with 51 seconds left. How the Giants found a way to lose that in regulation is nothing short of mindboggling. It was a nice season Giants. 

Is Philip Rivers done? I think he might be done. He looked awful. I know the Chiefs have a great defense, but four interceptions? Come on.


Not a great start for the Cowboys. JaRon Brown, whose name Jon Gruden apparently can’t pronounce, smoked the secondary for a long score. 

Awful offsides penalty on the Cowboys on the Cardinals’ first quarter fourth and 1. How can you just line up in the neutral zone? More mental mistakes carrying over from last week early in this one.

It was pretty clear that the Cardinals schemed to take away the run. The Cowboys need to throw to setup the run more.

In the middle of the second quarter, the Cowboys were on the precipice of field goal range and threw a pass to Dez Bryant that went backwards and then Dak took a Stafford (a Stafford is a sack on third down that pushes your team out of field goal range). It was an all around terrible first half. The Cowboys were lucky to escape tied. I do wish the Cowboys would’ve taken a timeout after the sack of Palmer at the end of the first half. Try and get the ball and get in field goal range. Worst case, you can always kneel.

Dez’s touchdown was really impressive. He probably wasn’t in, but it was impossible to overturn.

Dak Prescott’s touchdown pass to Brice Butler is the literal definition of “IT.” When someone says a player has “IT” and you want to know what “IT” means, direct them to that play. Then he did it again with 6:20 left in the game. Dak is really, really good.

DeMarcus Lawrence abused Jared Veldheer all night. Man is he good.

Bruce Arians with one of the worst challenges in NFL history with 10:41 left in the game. JJ Nelson leaped for a ball on the sidelines and the ball was laying on the ground at the end of the play. Nevertheless, Arians blew a timeout in a one score game to challenge it. Literally the next play, Jason Garrett manages to match Arians by challenging a Larry “yeah I’m not done yet” Fitzgerald catch that was so obviously a catch, the ball never even came close to the ground. In a close game, can’t be down to just one timeout with 10 minutes left. Unacceptable.

After the Cardinals cut the lead to 21-17, I fully expected the Cowboys to go into their shell and run-run-throw-punt. They did no such thing. Dak went deep to Brice Butler. A couple more plays and Zeke punched it in to seal the game. A great performance by a great team in an early must win spot.


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