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The Jason Katz Cowboys Super Bowl Season 2017 Tour...Week 5

October 11, 2017 9:11 AM
October 11, 2017 9:09 AM

You may know Jason Katz from his published football work on sites like FantasyPros. You may also know him as a member of our Handicapping Group. You may also know him, or will get to know him as a die-hard Dallas Cowboys' fan.

I asked Jason to follow the Cowboys for us all year...for fandom and fantasy. I did so, because he's convinced, like most fan(atic)s that thinking something good will happen will jinx it to not make it so. I have a different theory -- when I see a jinx potential, I pour it on to reverse the jinx. I see a jinx and yell 'this is a jinx' just to spit in the face of the jinx. The Dallas Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl this season, and I am not a biased fan...and the more I say it...the more it's likely to come true...and the more l say it...the more likely Jason loses sleep and hair follicles.

Jason is a talented young writer, so please enjoy him manically following the 'Boys...but also sharing fantasy ideas, as his blood runs FFM green and CFM crimson.

Follow more of Katz's work on Twitter: @jasonkatz13

NFL head coaches befuddle me. Doug Martin looked great in the preseason. He is so clearly the most talented RB on the Bucs roster. Yet, Charles Sims entered the game ahead of Martin. I know Martin started the next drive and was the main guy the rest of the way, but is making a statement really more important than putting together successful drives? But man did Doug look good. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I’m totally about to jump to conclusions - he’s going to be an RB1 rest of season. 

I usually lambaste coaches for misusing timeouts, so I will give credit to Dirk Koetter for calling one at 1:49 left in the first half to try and get the ball back. It didn’t matter because Tom Brady remembered how to football at that point, but it was still good coaching. Koetter called another one after the Patriots first down play. Well done by him. No reason not to at least try and give your offense a shot in the even the Patriots scored quick enough. 

The #Chargersthings started early on Sunday with the center snapping the ball before Rivers was ready, forcing Rivers to knock the ball through the end zone for a safety. Known for their kicking problems, the Chargers are hit with a delay of game on their late fourth quarter field goal attempt. And then Anthony Lynn decides to kick an extra point to go up five points with 2:58 left. That is completely unacceptable. There is no difference between a four and five point lead that late in the game. As is typical in the NFL, Lynn got away with it. 

Sean McVay also had a massive coaching blunder. He called timeout with 2:42 left in the game, which cost his team 40 seconds. If he saves the timeout, Seattle is forced to run a play with 2:02 left, thus allowing him to utilize the two minute warning before the third down play, after which he could call his final timeout. Cooper Kupp probably should have caught the game winning touchdown, but that whole drive is a lot easier if they have an extra 40 seconds. The most fascinating part of all of this is that not a single person said anything about it. We have a situation that requires no intellectual thought whatsoever. It is pure rote memorization. If play ends between 2:42 and 2:50, do not call timeout. It requires nothing more than looking at the clock. But no one says a word. 

You just had to know John Fox was going to go run-run on Mitch Trubisky’s first two professional snaps. 

John Fox is truly fascinating. He called timeout because he couldn’t get a play in fast enough to go for it on 4th and 2 with 7:09 left in the first quarter. Then, after the timeout, he doesn’t get a play in fast enough again and they take a delay of game. What a joke. He’s as good as gone after this season…unless Trubisky saves his job. 

Fox did call a brilliant fake punt for a touchdown to Benny Cunningham. But then he promptly kicked the extra point to go down one instead of try and tie it. 

Eventually, a two point conversion was needed, and the triple lateral play was awesome.


Cowboys time…


I loved the call by Jason Garrett to go for it on fourth and one on the Cowboys first drive. Dez Bryant then rewarded the call with a horrendous drop. Luckily, the Cowboys were bailed out by a nonsense unnecessary roughness call and then Dak hit Cole Beasley for a touchdown on the next play. 

I also loved that Jason Garrett went for it again on fourth and one in the second quarter. The Cowboys played to win. Unfortunately, things like this happened… 

I hate Terrance Williams. He gifted the Packers six points because he’s terrible at football. It’s long past time to put Brice Butler in on two receiver sets. 

The Cowboys simply scored too quickly on their go ahead drive. They gave Aaron Rodgers too much time. Jason Garrett will be criticized for the second down throw to Dez Bryant and rightfully so, but they ran the read option on the next play and Dak scored. Should Dak have gone down at the 1? Probably. But it’s really hard to ask a player to do that and even harder to think to do it in the moment. Everyone screaming regression for the Cowboys is going to be correct, but not for the reason they thought. Dak Prescott is the third best QB in the NFL. Yes. It’s Rodgers, Brady, Dak. I’ve seen enough. Dak is an elite QB and will be one for years. The Cowboys still haven’t played the Redskins or Eagles so this division is far from over.

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