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Three NFL Rumors To Chew On From The Senior Bowl (#3 of 3)

January 25, 2019 9:14 AM
January 25, 2019 9:53 AM

*Moving fast, forgive typos.

Senior Bowl week is hectic for me…so many players to study, observe for the NFL Draft, for Dynasty/Fantasy drafts upcoming and for CFM’s move to be ranked as the #1 Mock Draft outlet in the world on Huddle.com’s national tracking site for such things.

This is Year Five for us to be eligible for the overall five-year average ‘best in the world’ title on Huddle.com’s tracking (leaving McShay, Mayock, and Kiper in the dust among others being tracked). Our four-year average is best among the list, but you cannot get on the real board until you have five-years of results. One more good year from CFM/Xavier Cromartie ought to do it. Link to that current board: https://www.thehuddlereport.com/top100.scores.shtml

Tue-Thu this week, I’ll be observing Senior Bowl practices and talking to my connections and getting a lot of info from all angles. I’m going to share my three best ‘rumors’ on FFM but see all my detailed Senior Bowl scouting observations on CFM Wed-Fri (recapping the prior day).

Three NFL Rumors To Chew On From The Senior Bowl (#3 of 3)

From Thu. 1/24/2019…

*Take these with whatever grain of salt you want:

1) Where will Nick Foles wind up?

Spinning off our previous rumor of Jacksonville making a move for Eli Manning (that NYG is now willing to make a move and sign Teddy Bridgewater, who Pat Shurmur worked with previously, and then also drafting a bigger name QB this year) it leaves Washington, Denver, and Miami as the only teams in need of a starting QB…and Denver semi-delusional thinking they might be OK with Case Keenum.

Foles will not go to Washington…the Eagles wouldn’t trade him in-division (nor would Foles sign there as a free agent), which leaves Denver or Miami.

With that…the Foles to Miami rumors are starting to heat up. It hasn’t heated up in the media yet, because Miami doesn’t even have a head coach…but their head coach is known – New England D-C Brian Flores.

Flores is expected to pack his staff with ex-Patriots, which is the NFL coaching norm. *Sidebar – if coordinators are so important, why does Bill Belichick lose them all the time and never misses a beat…while his assistants go on to fail magnificently as head coaches?* The Patriots group got a nice dose of Foles this time last year. Foles would be instant credibility/stability for a dying franchise, but an internal struggle could happen day one – the personnel/management team wanting to draft ‘their guy’ and the new ex-Patriots group wanting a real QB now.

Foles is running out of places to go…if Miami passes, then why would Denver make a strong play (no one to bid against)…if so, then why would Philly even want to make a deal if the offers are weak? Why would Foles want to sign anywhere he’s not totally wanted or made the obvious starter?

You think there’s going to be this big market for Foles, I know the NFL well enough – there won’t be. They’ll talk themselves out of it because they still think Foles is ‘lucky’. Miami is the one place everything makes sense (ruling out all the NFC East options for obvious reasons).

The X-factor in all this…a quarterback gets hurt in the offseason, tears an ACL, etc., and then a team makes a desperate move for Foles…but even then, it’s not security for Foles. Nick Foles is looking for a multi-year deal to be ‘the guy’. In a ridiculously bad at scouting its own product NFL (Jameis Winston still exists as an expensive starting QB for an example), Foles could get bypassed once again this offseason.

The other X-factor, the one starting to gather rumor-steam – the Eagles could get more by trading proven-little Carson Wentz and keeping Foles, then vice-versa. Why? Because the NFL wants upside fairy tales to believe in -- not proven results that fly in the face of their preconceived notions about a player. Philly could trade Wentz for a couple of top draft picks, then draft a top QB name this year (weak group) or next season to be groomed behind Foles.

I think the Eagles might be starting to lean this way (keep Foles). Why invest $100M+ in Wentz…a guy who has been shown to be injury-prone and not as good as Foles? He’s certainly not the guy the locker room wants either, and not because Wentz is awful/hated…because Foles is so beloved and better at football. The Eagles can pass the buck on Wentz, draft a young QB behind Foles, and move on with the better QB for NOW.

Watch for the Wentz trade rumors to start in a few weeks as the Eagles kick the tires on the possibility.

2) Rumors of Falcons owner Arthur Blank being non-committal on his head coach and GM is overblown.

This is the media trying to make stories out of nothing in the offseason…one of their favorite pastimes.

Why exactly would the Falcons’ owner be unhappy with Dan Quinn? How is it Dan Quinn is on the media hot seat and Andy Reid is a wonderful play calling genius (spoiler alert: he isn’t)? All Quinn has done the past three seasons is – go to a Super Bowl, then return to the playoffs and got a win the following season (now 3-2 in the playoffs), and then got devastated with defensive injuries this season and pulled it together enough to finish 7-9.  

Dan Quinn has won more playoff games the past three years than Andy Reid has in the past 10 years.

If Quinn is on the hot seat…how is Mike Tomlin not fired by day’s end? Quinn has as many playoff wins in the past three years as Tomlin does the past eight years.

3) Stop talking about real stuff, Tony Romo!

You may have seen much ado about Tony Romo’s excellent game call of the NE-KC game, complete with predicting several plays ahead if the reality happening. And it was a great job, as usual, by Romo.

Do you know that CBS wants Romo to stop predicting the plays because the NFL wants Romo to stop doing that?

Do you know they don’t want Romo-Nantz talking anything about betting on things during the Super Bowl broadcast?

You think the NFL is some innocent, beautiful game that plays out in front of our face-painted eyes…but the NFL is no different than every big corporation and government trying to massage the message and create an image to sucker the public/their own employees.

If they let Tony Romo keep easily predicting plays, you might begin to wonder why no ex-NFL head coach ever sounds like they know what they are talking about when they are in the announcer’s booth. Quick…name an NFL head coach that blew you away as a game analyst on TV the past 1-5 decades. Take your time, there has only been a billion of them go from coaching to the TV, but you cannot name one…not one close to the talent and vision of Tony Romo.

The NFL cannot have the bubble pierced…the bubble that makes you think NFL head coaches are special geniuses that know more about football than all of us combined. Tony Romo was better at being an NFL analyst in his first five minutes than all the minutes of every ex-coach-turned-broadcaster has been in all their hours on TV combined as a collective.

The NFL has a real problem on their hands with Romo…he’s great at what he does, and the NFL has to figure out how to control him.

Pat McAfee doesn’t stand a chance in this same vein. Go listen to Week 17 Packers-Lions for a taste of McAfee (his on-game analyst debut)…and know that he will never be allowed to thrive purposefully with the NFL.

See my third (and final) installment of the Senior Bowl practice observations on CFM later today. Also, take note – the best Mock Drafter in the free world, statistically proven, Xavier Cromartie, will have his first mock draft (of many) published on Saturday morning.

*Make sure you have the Fantasy Football Metrics App…and ‘notifications’ set to ‘on’ – then every time we post articles and reports on either FFM or CFM, you’ll know instantly*

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