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Welcome New FFM Reader/Subscriber (quick tips to help with your FFM experience)!

August 13, 2020 8:45 AM
September 9, 2020 5:02 AM

Welcome New FFM Reader/Subscriber (quick tips to help with your FFM experience)!


I (R.C. Fischer) just wanted to put out a quick note to new readers/checker-outers of Fantasy and College Football Metrics…

Welcome! You may have heard me on a podcast appearance or stumbled across a random article on the internet…doubtful you’ve arrived because a friend recommended it -- because no one ever recommends us to their friends, for obvious reasons (which is a blessing and curse). However it is that you’ve arrived, I appreciate you taking a look to see what we’re all about.

Statistically speaking, I know way more than half of new people will read an article or two and walk away…usually angry. Why? Anytime you’re bringing a counterculture/anti-the-norm message into a world where there is a long established ‘way things are done’ mindset – the message and messenger are immediately discounted as some kind of uneducated lunacy or done purposefully for the purpose of being ‘controversial’.

More specifically – football is a religion. We naturally believe that the people doing analysis on TV, ex-players, ex-coaches, ‘insiders’…that they know more than anyone else does about football. In the same way if you’re advertising a drug/medicine on TV, you better have someone wearing a white lab coat and have a stethoscope dangling around their neck (an actor) doing the talking…because a person wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a ball cap on backwards delivering the same info would chase us off from taking their medical breakthrough seriously – our preconceived notions and ‘the optics’ matter(even if we don’t realize it’s happening internally). We all love football (and fantasy football most of all), we worship it in a sense because it brings such joy and excitement and the people on TV and radio can become our anointed priests and deacons who we assume are better/smarter than common folks/fans at evaluating football things.

When I, an outsider from the business world, with no college or professional or national media football pedigree, tried to enter the football analysis and scouting scene 10+ years ago – there is nary an ‘open arm’ to welcome you. You’re written off before you even get started.

I started my company at night and on the weekends, inspired by baseball’s ‘Moneyball’ philosophies and trying to utilize such theories in my corporate numbers/finance world and my life in general – I set out to try and apply a similar logic to football scouting/analysis. I did so back when there were rare analytics/numbers being taken seriously in football.

After several years of study and publishing things on the internet about my work, I started attracting attention from local media, startup football analysis websites (back when they were just trying to lift off), then from some CFL personnel departments, then from some NFL personnel departments, then from the likes of ESPN. It was surreal. But where the most interest came from – the emerging fantasy football and handicapping community.

Way back when/then, I assumed that I would wind up working for an NFL team or picked up for my analysis ability by an ESPN type place. My work was ignored/rejected by the establishment. Too ‘outside the box’…and the damning words I’ve heard more than any ‘well, no one else is saying/thinking that’. As mainstream football ignored me, the about-to-explode fantasy and handicapping community embraced me and became my passionate audience. I ditched the pursuit of the mainstream and I went where I was having the most fun, where I was engaging in the best/deepest conversations about scouting and football things – with the fantasy and handicapping community. And I’ve built a decade long full-time business out of it.

I work all year round, full time scouting and discovering and relaying/publishing my findings on football players and their situations all year round – and I do it to try to prosper myself as a ‘bettor’/player and to help my audience gain an edge/advantage/education into all these football players. I’m mining and panning for football gold all year round so my audience doesn’t have to – they hire me as a consultant, they outsource scouting legwork for me to be their personnel/scouting department just like you would a financial advisor or tax accountant, etc. I take my job very seriously…which you will tell from my writings and podcast appearances.

I would put my hours of work logged in study against anyone in the NFL over the past decade. I have more words about football and football players published in the last decade than anyone walking the face of the earth, and second place isn’t even in view. I’ll put my 7+ million published words the past decade up against anyone else. I’m not bragging about that, per se – I’m just communicating that ‘I put in the work’. This is serious to me. This is my job. I hate that people might read one thing I write, have it be different then what football society 100% agrees upon (like me screaming against how great Blake Bortles or Jameis Winston were going to be…of which I slammed from day one), and then think I’m just off my rocker because ‘no one else is saying that’. I have a track record and hours logged that says you should consider all the cases I’m making, and I always go into detail of why I am taking such stances.

All that to say… As you check around my two sites, Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics (NFL Draft scouting, Dynasty Rookie Draft scouting/rankings, Devy, etc.) – you are going to find a lot of published material and tabs on the websites to certain areas and acronyms, etc. It’s all going to be a little much at first glance.

It’s all going to be a little overwhelming at first, like a visit to any website/place you’ve never been to before.

It’s like my family reunion trip I went to this summer. The extended family decided to rent a big house where we could all stay under one big roof. When I first got to this place, I was like…”Where is the thermostat located?”, and “What light switch controls the kitchen lights, because I’m clicking these here in the kitchen and the living room lights go on…it makes no sense?”, and “I don’t understand the buttons to preheat the oven?” I could go on and on. The first day was mass confusion for everyone and being the patient soul that I am – I immediately was like “Why did they put that there?” and “This thing they have is dumb.” It wasn’t dumb, and I wasn’t dumb – it just took 30 minutes-to-24 hours to get used to where things where and how they worked. By the end of the week it was like I had been living there for years.

It will be like that with my FFM and CFM websites after a few days or so. And some of the placement of things on site could be done better – we try to improve it, make it more intuitive and slick every month/year. I just ask that if you’re interested in my football work…give yourself some time and grace to click around this new-to-you website to see all the neat stuff we got.

If you have questions about where something is or what products fit your needs best – you don’t have to guess. Contact me (info to contact at the end). I respond ASAP. I don’t want you to overpay for stuff you don’t need nor do I want you to miss out on something that would be total enjoyment/needed for your fantasy season. Seriously, any question any time – I am committed to having an open door to everyone seeking.

So, enjoy your journey of discovery on FFM and CFM. If you can’t find something on the site or aren’t sure why I don’t love Jerry Jeudy or Sam Darnold or why I think Diontae Johnson is special or whomever/whatever – just email me. My small business survives on satisfied, loyal customers. I don’t have an ESPN budget or bully pulpit. I only exist if people are satisfied/delighted. We rarely/never lose subscribers year-to-year, but we do scare some first time visitors off at first glance by all the questioning of the status quo and having a different perspective on player scouting. If you only knew how bad the scouting system in the NFL/college is (the humans, mostly ex-players, their flawed processes…I’ve walked among them at football events, it’s a real Wizard of Oz behind the curtain moment) you’d be amazed and appalled. Whether you read FFM stuff or not – find somewhere different than the NFL Network and ESPN, etc., to get your info from (and you’ll learn why that is over time reading my material).

I want to be one of your trusted eyes and ears for Fantasy/Dynasty/Handicapping football matters. I would never guarantee you ‘domination’ of all things fantasy or handicapping at all times. I will guarantee you will see football and football players in a totally different way if you give me a few weeks of your consideration, and that you will be the most armed/educated person about individual players in your fantasy group. That’s my goal – that my work brings you joy to ready and arms you with intel that you won’t find anywhere else…and that it ultimately pays for itself in your

If you have a question about ANYTHING, email me at rc4metrics@gmail.com

Appreciate you taking a moment to read this. Good Luck this season!!!

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