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Where is Julio Jones Going Now? *I guarantee you won't see any trade theory quite like this...

May 26, 2021 12:16 PM
May 26, 2021 12:11 PM

Where is Julio Jones Going Now?

You probably saw or heard/read about the Julio Jones event on Fox Sports…where Shannon Sharpe called Julio live on air and asked him about playing for Dallas or Atlanta next year (because Julio was pictured with a Dallas hoodie on, over the weekend). Julio said, about Atlanta, that he was “out of there.”

So, now the rumor mill will run wild Julio trade scenarios for days/weeks…between Julio and Aaron Rodgers and Deshaun stories, the lazy football media has their fill of nonsensical guess work trade theories they can discuss.

With that, now it’s time for me to share my nonsensical trade theories and opinions on the situation.

Before I get into the ‘where is Julio going?’ part, a few pre-thoughts to that:


1) Julio…Rodgers…Watson…

We’ve only just begun.

The backlash for NFL teams being so poorly run by arrogant owners, the nepotism, and just overall poor business practices – it’s going to come home to roost as the star players start to dictate more and more where they want to play and not play, and what coaches they want, and what time they’d like the practices to be held, etc.

The NFL, as we know it, is about to get turned upside down…and it’s the ownership’s fault as much as the players.

Initially, it will be personal greed (which is not a crime) or general discontent forcing the desired changes/trades – but that will devolve into many other ‘fronts’ like star players wanting to leave if the team isn’t socially or environmentally conscious enough or whatever enough to be deemed to play for – all a smoke screen for the personal greed and/or discontent part.

The rise of the players is upon us – players forcing ownership to do things they don’t want to do. And it’s going to lead to players changing teams more and more, and offseason drama more and more (which is fun) – and we should all love it and try to figure out how to bet on it and win money off it.

If you’re a diehard fan of a team, you’re going to be left behind in this change over (that’s been happening for a while, slowly…but is about to hit the accelerator) – the only people who care more about YOUR team and the organization is the head coach (who just rents the idea until they’re fired) and the owner/s (who just want YOUR money). There are 53 players on a roster, and the diehard fan cares about the team more than all 53 of those players combined. It’s a job to them. A temporary residence. And it is just that; they aren’t wrong.

Abandon YOUR team fandom and embrace unemotionally betting on their performances and building your own fake team. They don’t care about you and they are just trying to make money/earn their living – you should do the same off of them. PLAY more Fantasy. BET more games, props. Have fun with it.

My favorite team at any given time is the one I just bet on that’s playing at the moment.


2) Shannon Sharpe should be fired, if…

If Julio did not know he was live on air, Sharpe should be fired. Period.

The journalistic and legal line crossing should be investigated, and the NFL should demand Sharpe be fired or give Fox huge ramifications until they don’t.

They probably won’t.

If Fox or the NFL does anything drastic here, then they’ll be calls to fire media people every week for whatever opinion the fans don’t like…and when they (Fox/NFL) don’t ‘cancel’ journalists upon the public whim, then everything will be considered tainted and/or racist. At its core, the NFL media is a collective pack of purposeful stooges for the league – they need useful, dutiful idiots leading the media so as to follow general orders and not question anything too hard. Some of that is for protecting The State (the NFL) and some of it is they think their customers/football fans are a pack of idiots – so, they are giving their dopey fans a media built for their ‘special’ needs.

And if you looked out at the crowd at any NFL Draft or if you ever saw people in the stands in Green Bay or wherever sitting in -15 degree temps on metal bench seats…what would you surmise about the IQ of these people? Do these people know the game is on television, indoors, where it’s warm and with no line at the bathroom and reasonably priced food available? But the team needs me there to show them our support!

Yeah, the NFL has a point on the idiocy they think of its fanbase. I can’t fully blame them for thinking it.

You get the media and coverage you deserve.

Now, let the media go back to arguing about the biggest story in football in our lifetimes – how Tim Tebow getting a chance with Jacksonville is the destruction of civilization as we know it.

If Sharpe had this preplanned with Julio…then Julio should be made to pay, as we’ll get into.


3) Julio Jones just screwed himself

Julio probably got set up, unwittingly by Sharpe…but I’m not sure about that.

But if Julio knew full well that he was live on air…

Had Julio handled this situation with class, he could have had the Falcons management somewhat in his corner – agreeing to trade him to a place where he would want to go. But nope, not now…Julio just burned down all his goodwill with the owner, and thus the GM…and if there exist any Falcons fans (I’ve never met one, but I guess they exist somewhere) then he’s burned his bridge with most of them too.

If I am owner Arthur Blank, with Julio not having a no-trade clause…I will only send him to the worst place I can get a reasonable trade return from. And when it comes out in the media later that I turned down a better deal from ____ contender/team, and writers whine and fans piss-and-moan about it – then I would then pull out a $100 bill, light it on fire, light my premium cigar with it, and laugh my ass off…and spit on the ground to ceremonially insult Julio, as if I were spitting on his grave. All the money and great treatment they have given Julio over the years, and then for him to try to embarrass them to force his way out…it’s personal now.

If I’m Arthur Blank, I realize I’m not winning a title anytime soon…so, my top priority for 2021 football success is how badly I can screw over Julio Jones in response to what just happened last week (and apparently been building for a while).

I’m not trying to be ‘just funny’ with this talk. I mean this – Julio has poked the bear. Julio took off the glove and slapped the face of the owner with it – the owner has to respond in kind. It’s all he’s got in his football life now -- is to make Julio’s life miserable with this final act (the trade).

The best way to do that is to trade him to the worst place possible, and if he refuses to go -- then he can only do that by retiring/refusing to play. Well, then the Falcons are relieved of $40M+ in payroll to pay him.

If you really want to screw Julio now, just for sport…you trade him to the coldest weather, highest-state tax, worst weather place you can get a decent deal out of. You don’t want him on a serious contender team. You want him in the cold with a bad QB situation.

What possible teams are the ones that…

Play outdoors?

And play in colder weather in the 2nd-half of the season?

And have a weak QB situation?

And are not a real threat to win a title any time soon?

And don’t face you in 2021? *This is not major, but a tiebreaker maybe.


In alphabetical order:



New England

N.Y. Giants

N.Y. Jets (rookie QB)


Maybe Washington


Seven teams that have potential listed above. I would probably remove the Giants since they just spent up on Kenny Golladay.

And I would think the Jets have no reason to be in on this…it’s not like they are winning a title any time soon. But the other five are all contenders/pretenders (in ATL’s eyes).

So, how would I rank the likelihood of the top teams to send Julio to in order to make his life miserable?


1) Chicago – I would dream of sending him here. Bad QB.  Bad team. Bad weather.

The Bears have no CAP space at all, so they’d have to maneuver things…but they would. Atlanta will not eat one dime of this that they don’t have to, so Chicago will have to do some accounting or restructure Julio’s deal.

2) Baltimore – They have been desperate for a WR all offseason. Lamar would not be great for Julio. Another cold weather team that plays all cold weather divisional opponents.

CHI-BAL are the clear favorites. The next three teams are a level down on this game, and all of them (oddly) face ATL this season.


3) Philadelphia – Send him to a cold weather team that has an unproven running QB. They face ATL Week 1 at Atlanta, but you could look past that if CHI-BAL didn’t pan out.

4) New England – Super cold weather in the winter and when they play NYJ and BUF in-division as well, among other bad weather potential games. Good luck with Cam Newton, Julio!!

5) Washington – I just don’t believe Washington would do this, because they are a real contender this year – but because they are, they might be in the market to make a big splash, and they have the most CAP space of any team I’ve mentioned (NE is close. The Jets have more, but like I said…I don’t think they’re interested).

If YOUR team gets Julio, note that it is only because the Falcons think your team has no shot and is a miserable place to play – so, be careful with your chest thumping celebrations. Winning Julio is potentially an insult, if I’m correct in my theory here.


If I’m right about this upcoming approach – then note your Julio Jones Fantasy stock holdings are going to get burned, badly. I thought Julio would play nice in this and ATL would send him off to KC or LAR or SF, etc., as a tip of the cap. Nope. He’s going to some version of Siberia to suffer, and it will not help his FF value at all.

If you believe I’m right, then you gotta FF-move Julio ahead of it…or avoid in redraft.

Also, if I’m Atlanta…I am in NO HURRY at all to make this move. I want Julio not working with his team until the very last second to further hinder his 2021 transition. So, you’ll have time to figure this out in Fantasy. Atlanta has plenty of time…time is on their side.

Also, this trade is going to be a little lower/cheaper than you’d think. Julio makes too much money (plus his age), and ATL wants to dump that contract on the new team without eating anything they aren’t obligated to (and thus why this trade would happen post-June 1st/the new league year beginning, doing this to open up more space for the Falcons/spread out what they have to eat = $15M worth of guarantees on this).


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