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How To REgister on the FFM/CFM Site

The following will give you a succinct idea of what to expect when registering for your Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics access.

Step 1: Complete the Payment

You can either choose to pay with your PayPal account or directly with your Credit or Debit Card.

Step 2: Complete the Registration

You will be redirected to our membership registration process after payment.


Don't forget,if you have multiple subscriptions, use the same email/passwords for simultaneous login (meaning you will only have to log into one subscription and the system will log you into the others with matching email/password combo).


If you don't get to this screen, chances are your registration is not complete and you WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS.

As you can see, you can login directly following your registration, but wait there's more...

As a secondary measure to ensure folks are getting their access, you will be emailed confirmation as well. But, of course, if you don't register, the system can't send you a confirmation of that registration. Here's the screen you'll see right after registration and right before email confirmation:

TIP: Even if you didn't get the email to confirm your registration and verify your email, or our email went to spam, you can still login. The on screen confirmation means our system has registered you. The email confirmation will look like this:

In the future, we may require verified emails only so keep this process in mind, but for now, we've simplified the registration process to the best of our abilities.

HUGE TIP: If you are on mobile, redirections are generally handled differently. They may pop up as tabs behind the current viewing screen. Search your tabs if you are stalled after payment.

If all else fails, SUPPORT can register you fairly quickly. If you feel this process may trip you up, try registering on non peak hours and days (best times are weekdays, normal business hours) for processing same or next day.

We hope this helps!