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  •  About a decade ago, inspired by the book Moneyball (like many), I started tinkering with analytics for football...but more pursued how to use data to predict and project talent coming from the college ranks into the NFL. What started as a side hobby grew into something bigger as the work started to get some attention via word of mouth and then suddenly we were working with the dynasty/fantasy community, handicappers and NFL and CFL personnel department people on our player evaluations.
  • We wanted to bring a business/finance spin to playing Fantasy Football and handicapping pro football games. We wanted to be the football personnel department working specifically for fantasy and dynasty GMs. We've grown and focused on the dynasty-fantasy community because, quite frankly, working with the NFL evaluators was frustrating and fruitless (they don’t trust scouting that’s showing a big difference from consensus…even when it works out swimmingly. It’s amazing to behold). I find dynasty-fantasy GMs and pro handicappers much more in the know on prospects, players, units, etc., much more open to a discussion and debate.
  • Our research and reporting are quite a bit different than what you'll find from other firms. We have radically different scouting models and tools with a track record over near a decade of impressive success ahead of the NFL. We grade players first without scouting algorithms, so we have statistical valuations to help identify prospects of interest but I also watch/study tape on over 100+ players each NFL Draft/Dynasty Rookie Draft season to see if we can find any anomaly to the numbers to uncover hidden gems.
  •  I could list all the scouting successes and I could talk about the scouting failures, but it would probably seem too cheesy after the fact no matter the reality. All I can say is -- give us a try. Sample some of our public work on Fantasy Football Metrics and College Football Metrics. All our scouting calls are on record – good and bad.
  • I love working with our audience and clients to stay in constant communication all year round from analyzing/attending/reporting on the Senior Bowl week, or predicting/analyzing free agency, to the NFL Combine, to the NFL Draft, to watching/studying/reporting on every single preseason (and regular-season game) through my eyes -- we never stop turning over stones looking for the edge that gets us 'over' on the opposition.
  •  Why haven't you heard of us before? Simple, a blessing and a curse...our audience has no desire for this work to get into their league mate's hands. In addition, I'm not trying to get a job with ESPN or an NFL team--I just enjoy researching and sharing findings about pro football and the NFL Draft all year long. If you want to see the business of football and football scouting from an entirely different angle, sample some of our work, check us out and see if we might be of service to your fantasy and/or handicapping needs.
R.C. Fischer


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